Web Content Delivery

Introducing the web CDN for developers

Build Fast Websites Faster

Layer0 by Limelight is the development and delivery solution for the future of web applications. It reimagines web and application delivery from the developer’s point of view. What if web developers could release twice as fast while delivering dramatically faster web applications securely from the edges of one of the world’s largest networks? That’s the vision we want to help our customers realize.


Limelight's massive global network provides the infrastructure backbone trusted by the largest video providers. Layer0 takes this to the next level for web applications, integrating the edge into the web developer’s environment while offering next-generation features and the ability to deliver sub-second page loads. Limelight will continue to support current customers while encouraging new customers to enjoy the advantages of Layer0.

The developer’s CDN for web applications allows you to:

Release Up To Twice As Fast

The Layer0 platform integrates the CDN edge directly into the application and extends the edge all the way to the browser. Teams can improve productivity by reducing manual synchronization and turning CDN edge logic into a version-controlled, testable, first-class citizen in the development lifecycle. Simple, powerful tooling boosts developer productivity. You can preview every commit live, configure the edge within your application, and experiment without sacrificing speed. GraphQL caching and serverless hosting lets you make your API layer faster and more efficient.

Improve Search Ranking

Scoring well on Google Core Web Vitals (CWV) can help you leapfrog the competition for search traffic. The sub-second page loads you can achieve with Layer0 can dramatically improve your CWV score and your resulting search engine rankings.

Increase Conversions and Ecommerce Revenue

Speed improves the bottom line. Customers have seen dramatic improvements in conversion rates and revenue with sub-second page load times, with one customer seeing an 80% improvement in revenue. Consumers abandon slow sites and engage with fast sites, and are more likely to purchase on sites that don’t make them wait.

Improve Traditional and Headless Environments

Whether you have a traditional monolithic web application or a headless API-driven architecture with a separate frontend and backend, Layer0 can improve productivity and performance. Whatever your environment today and tomorrow, you can streamline your developer workflow and improve performance.

Learn More

Limelight and Layer0 are hard at work joining forces. In the interim, the Layer0 website is the best source of detailed information and developer tools on the platform.