Web Content Delivery

Accelerate your website to accelerate your business

Your prospects do most of their decision-making online

When visitors come to your website, you have just a few milliseconds to engage them with personalized content, great images, and useful information. Even small delays could reduce your site traffic significantly over time. Keeping them on your site requires the web infrastructure to deliver every piece of content quickly and securely to serve visitors anywhere. And it has to do so 24/7/365.

Limelight's solution for Web Content Delivery utilizes a variety of web content acceleration technologies that enable you to:

Reduce Latency

Limelight’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN) uses highly efficient edge-caching technology, fast Origin Storage Services, and the latest protocols like HTTP/2 to speed webpage loading and dramatically reducing response times, no matter where visitors are coming from.

Protect Your Site from Malicious Attacks and Secure Your Content

Limelight’s DDoS Attack Interceptor and Web Application Firewall (WAF) protect your origin from malicious attacks, while SSL ensures secure traffic.

Reduce Operational Costs

Limelight’s CDN and origin storage infrastructure save you CapEx you would spend on adding data centers and expanding storage racks in your data center.

Serve Content to any Device

Using automatic device detection, content is delivered in the correct format to mobile phones, tablets, PCs—virtually any type of device.

Personalized content delivered globally brings a world of new customers

Limelight's solution for Web Content Delivery make all your sites more responsive and reliable.


Limelight's solution for Web Content Delivery accelerates both dynamic and static content using the Limelight CDN, which includes globally distributed Origin Storage Services, middle-mile acceleration, and edge caching. Overall latency is reduced, improving your site’s business and operational performance.


You’re never offline, and neither are we

Limelight delivers web content for some of the largest sites in Europe, Asia and North America, serving up thousands of personalized pages every hour. Limelight is not just a supplier, but a partner in your business operations. Our deep expertise in design and setup have you up and running in no time, and our dedicated Network Operating Center keeps site traffic flowing 24/7/365.

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Higher performing caching and delivery of any kind of digital content

Origin Shield

Improve user experience while protecting your origin

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Boosting web performance and online experience with Limelight’s CDN