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Web Application Firewall

Integration of Limelight’s Content Delivery Network and WAF – the perfect combination

Combat the sophistication of today’s attacks, providing a protective shield around your security perimeter

News of attacks on corporate websites is increasing in frequency and strength, with each incident breaking records in capacity and duration. Web application security has already been a focus for organizations of all sizes, especially for retail and financial sectors and any sites with consumer data. Now the urgency is ramped up to keep abreast of the latest cyber threats and how to protect against them without impacting performance.

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Limelight Provides Your Most Critical Applications With Constant Protection from Evolving Threats

Performance Optimized Solution

Limelight’s globally distributed network of over 80 data centers provides low latency proximity to WAF nodes.

Protection against botnets

Algorithms test the capabilities of browsers to ensure they have the capabilities of real web browsers to detect bot activity.

New threat mitigation

Automatic update from threat intelligence from new threat analysis with new security rules.

Dashboard and reporting

A high level view of blocking and alerting activity for a given web application. Widgets provide deep dives into a specific IP or rule set to understand potential vulnerabilities.

Real-time SIEM Support

Organizations with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems can make WAF logged events available to SIEM systems.

Data Sheet: Limelight WAF

Limelight provides a protective shield around your security perimeter.

Data Sheet: Limelight Cloud Security Services

Secure and mitigate attacks on your website and web servers with defensive protection.

White Paper: 10 Ways to Secure Your Digital Content

Protect your content investment with layers of security.

Your websites operate 24/7/365, so does our web application protection

Daily threat intelligence monitoring with vulnerability and threat analysis ensures your revenue generating applications are secure and available. New threats are proactively handled via dark Internet monitoring and using IP reputation data to block potential attacks. Filtering rules created from this intelligence go through a full threat simulation and regression testing cycle prior to distribution throughout the WAF node network.