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Web Acceleration Services

Faster response times for media-rich and personalized sites

Your users don’t wait around for slow content

Dynamic content, videos, and images are what keep visitors engaged, but these features can slow down your site considerably. Fast content delivery can make the difference between happy, engaged users and people abandoning your site. Website and web-application performance is critical to the success of your digital business.

Website Acceleration

When a new release is ready, no one wants to wait

Web Acceleration Services speed up the delivery of static content like images, text and video as well as dynamic content that changes with each user. The result is a site that consistently delivers the fastest user experience. Key capabilities include:

TCP and Connection Optimization

Web Acceleration Services enables the Orchestrate Platform to cache static objects and accelerate dynamic content. Delivery speed is improved through first-mile, middle-mile, and last-mile acceleration and connection optimization. Device detection provides the ability to deliver specific content in the correct format to all user devices, ensuring a superior user experience.

HTTP/2 Support

The HTTP/2 protocol speeds the delivery of web content by using a single persistent connection per page that multiplexes and prioritizes requests and responses.

Website and Application Device Detection

Device identification with configurable actions based on results lets you customize content by device and deliver the optimal experience.


With Web Acceleration Services, you can increase traffic and visitor customization as much as your business needs. The result is an exceptional and personalized experience on virtually any device, anywhere.

Learn more about how the Limelight Orchestrate Platform integrates a massive global private infrastructure, advanced content delivery capabilities, and support services to help you deliver the best online experiences.

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Faster response times for media-rich and personalized sites

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