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Limelight Web Acceleration Services

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Website and web-application performance is critical to the success of your digital business. In fact, research shows a response time that is only 400 milliseconds slower than a competitor’s can cause users to abandon the site. You know that video, images, and personalized content are what keep visitors engaged, but these features can slow down your site considerably.

Website Acceleration

When a new release is ready, no one wants to wait

What’s the solution? Limelight provides Web Acceleration Services that speed up delivery of static content like images, text and video. They also handle dynamic content that changes with each user. The result is a site that consistently delivers an excellent user experience all around. Key features of the Website Accleration Services are:

TCP and Connection Optimization

Our in-house developed software that runs on top of Limelight servers manages the underlying TCP layer to maximize the software and hardware interplay, which allows faster transmission of data packets between servers. Support of HTTP2 for webpage content delivery speeds loading dramatically.

Website and Application Device Detection

Device identification with configurable actions based on results lets you customize content by device.

Image Optimizations

Our proprietary CDN software applies various image-optimization techniques on the fly to dramatically speed up the rendering of images on virtually any device.

Real-Time Analytics

You no longer have to rely solely on server logs for insights about your users’ and customers’ habits. Our analytics portal allows you to access actionable business information, such as popular web pages, most-used device browsers, geo-locations, and more.

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) expands the protections to web applications provided by our Cloud Security Service by detecting and blocking attacks at the network edge in real-time from cyber threats. WAF is integrated with Limelight’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN), providing a secure, distributed architecture that delivers cost-effective protection for web applications without sacrificing performance for security.


With our Web Acceleration Services you can increase traffic and visitor customization as much as your business needs. The result is an exceptional and personalized experience on virtually any device, anywhere.

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