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Reduce Video Rebuffer Rates by 10% or More. GUARANTEED.

Every time an online viewer abandons your video because of rebuffering, your bottom line takes a hit. To keep audiences engaged, you need to deliver the highest quality viewing experiences on every device, everywhere in the world, every time.


Limelight Networks’ breakthrough content delivery technology can help you meet these demanding expectations by reducing your video rebuffer rates by 10% or more. And we guarantee it!*


As a global leader in digital content delivery, Limelight owns and operates one of the largest private networks in the world. Relentless optimization of our network, coupled with the development of new software technology has made us the highest performing video CDN, even in emerging markets. Plus, by monitoring a user’s connection through real-time analysis, we continually optimize how content is delivered, resulting in the very best viewing experiences.


Internal testing and our own customers’ experiences confirm that once Limelight is deployed, rebuffer rates plummet by at least 10%. We are so confident we can do this for you that we are offering a money-back guarantee just to prove it.


The Limelight Video Performance Guarantee

It’s simple and straightforward:


  • Try Limelight’s Video Delivery Services for 90 days, at the same price you pay your current service provider.
  • If your rebuffer rates don’t fall by at least 10%, we’ll refund your money.
  • If we deliver on our promise, you can continue your Limelight service at the same price for the next 12 months.


The end result will be better performance and better user experiences, at no additional cost!


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Learn how you can reduce video rebuffer rates and improve viewer engagement without increasing costs.