Video On Demand Services

Deliver your video on-demand content securely at broadcast quality

Welcome to a world full of video on demand

Viewers who choose your content expect to be able to tune in on almost any device. And when your content starts to become popular, demand may come from all over the globe. Operationally, you need to be able to convert files into multiple video formats and store multiple versions of all your content. Once you go online, preventing unauthorized access is critical. Finally, regardless of device, when your viewers press “Play,” they expect a broadcast-quality experience—fast.

Limelight's solutions for Video on Demand let you successfully meet these challenges and realize the following benefits:

Reduce Your Internal Workload

Cloud-based transmuxing lets you offload complex tasks and assures delivery of the correct video format to every user device.

Rapidly Scale for Peak Demand

Meet unpredictable spikes in viewer demand and enhance your brand’s reputation for reliable access to great content.

Ensure Secure Delivery of Video

Protect your content by using the Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN), and choose from a set of enhanced security options to defend against attacks and interference with your broadcasts.

Deliver Broadcast-Quality Video

Provide the same great experience as millions of satisfied viewers around the globe enjoy with Limelight’s CDN.

Accelerate All Your Videos

Deliver every video fast by storing them in Limelight Origin Storage Services, with automatic upload and replication to make it easy.

Great content + reliable access = more regular viewers

Learn how Limelight's solutions for Video on Demand can make your content available to more users, faster.


Limelight’s solutions for Video on Demand provide a scalable cloud-based workflow.

Automatic transmuxing to multiple formats based on device detection simplifies content conversion. Limelight’s CDN and Origin Storage let you deliver every title fast anywhere in the world, while reducing your need for infrastructure investment. Comprehensive security services protect your video assets.

Put your best content forward—choose Limelight

Our solutions have been proven to address the challenges of supporting the ever-growing array of devices to view online video and accommodating the rapid software and hardware evolution of each. Limelight delivers video at global scale, in the correct format, to each of these platforms. At Limelight, we partner with customers, using our deep understanding of video streaming to help them grow their offerings in the future.

Data Sheet: Limelight MMD on Demand

Integrated with Limelight’s global CDN, storage and security solutions, delivering broadcast quality video

Media and Broadcasters

Secure broadcast quality Video on Demand and low latency streaming

Case Study: SimulTV

SimulTV Uses Limelight Networks Edge Compute for Global Delivery of Its Fast-Growing Video Network