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Deliver broadcast-quality video on any screen

Today’s online video audiences demand one thing—a quality viewing experience. They want their streaming video experience to be as good as the one they get from their television sets. That’s why you can’t compromise on the service. You need a way to deliver your video to any device, fast, and everywhere that your users are. Doing this, though, involves complex workflows that can include the transcoding and transmuxing of video into the multiple formats required for all those devices. And, accommodating growing video-on-demand libraries takes planning and capital to scale storage. Finally, delivering that video to a global audience requires you to buy and install the right infrastructure in the right places.


But you don’t have to do all of this by yourself. With Limelight’s powerful cloud-based services at your fingertips, you can offload much of this complexity and expense so that you can focus on what’s important—providing your audience with great content.

Chili S.p. A.

An OTT provider serves 400,000 customers on a multitude of devices with Limelight technology

Limelight Video Delivery Services are integrated directly with the Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN), enabling you to get your video to virtually any device, anywhere in the world at high quality. These services include a number of powerful features:

Content Conversion

Device detection at the edge and identification of incoming requests provides automatic conversion of video content into the appropriate format. Transmux MP4 video-on- demand content into popular HTTP formats including HLS, HDS, MSS, and MPEG-Dash. Transcode and transmux live video feeds on-the- fly to multi-bit rate, multi-resolution, HD quality streams.

Optimized Delivery

Our densely architected global network with dozens of POPs and direct connections to hundreds of access networks at the edge provide local caching of video for optimum delivery.

Integrated Smart Video Player

ABR ready, plug and play video player code will auto-detect browser, OS, device, and connection speed to provide the optimal playback, while producing superior engagement analytics.

MP4 and FLV Seek

Users can easily jump to a specific point within an MP4 or Flash video file.

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