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Limelight Cloud Storage Services

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Managing your digital content gets more complicated every day. The arrival of new formats, higher resolution images, and user-generated content are creating exploding storage requirements. Not only is keeping up with storage infrastructure a significant investment of time and resources, media management environments demand more than just simple storage—they demand high availability and millisecond access from anywhere, any time.


With Limelight Cloud Storage Services, you get the best of unlimited storage capacity and global content delivery. You can manage, add, upload, and download millions of files in the cloud, while automatic replication ensures objects are always available. And you have the added benefit of storing content closest to your users.

Limelight Cloud Storage Services

All storage is not created equal

Limelight Cloud Storage Services are integrated with the Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN), and include a set of powerful features:

Automatic Replication

Starting with a minimum of three copies, your content is automatically replicated into defined storage locations throughout the Limelight global network based on your content distribution needs.

Flexible Ingest

A range of powerful tools lets you upload content in a way that’s consistent with your workflow. Upload content using our API selection, multi-part file upload, web-based GUI, or standard protocols including FTP, SCP, SFTP, RSYNC, and FTP-SSL.

Aspera Support

Limelight supports Aspera-On-Demand, which allows customers to quickly move data of any size to Limelight over any network at line speed.

Object Management

You can manage object data, object metadata, and replication policies.

Delivery and Egress

Objects are retrieved from storage services using the closest possible edge resource, which speeds up response time compared with returning to a single origin. HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported.


Our Cloud Storage Services work across the Limelight Orchestrate Platform as an enhancement to video and HTTP delivery. Regardless of what you are storing, you can gain valuable performance benefits for delivery of video, website content, and file downloads.

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