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Powerful software designed to efficiently deliver your digital content

At the heart of the Orchestrate platform is EdgePrism, the advanced caching proxy software that powers your content across the globe. Patented optimization techniques ensure that your live events, software, media, and other files are optimally delivered on every request; both cacheable and uncacheable content are delivered with the lowest latency, best reliability, and highest origin offload.

EdgeQuery Reporting

You need to understand your audience’s behavior. Access critical behavioral data with real-time reporting capability via Limelight’s powerful, edge-based compute platform. Operating at the speed of digital transactions, EdgeQuery provides the insights you need to make decisions that will generate the best experience for your audience and the best results for your business.


Sometimes you have to instantly remove incorrect or outdated content from cache. SmartPurge, Limelight’s revolutionary content invalidation system, immediately renders your selected content globally inaccessible—regardless of other services or configurations. SmartPurge prevents your audience from accessing files even as they are being physically removed from the global network.


Your delivery needs are unique to your business. That is why Limelight has exposed powerful APIs that enable flexible control over all aspects of delivering your digital content.

Control Management Portal

Limelight Orchestrate Control is a powerful web-based interface for managing all aspects of delivering and managing your content through the Orchestrate platform, including self-service configurations, detailed traffic reports, turning-up and managing video streams, and access to support resources. With Control at your fingertips, you have the tools required to maintain control over your digital content delivery.