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Software and Device Manufacturers

Streamline your software and firmware distribution

The world's top software companies and device manufacturers trust Limelight

“Always on” means always up to date

Your customers rely on your software and smart devices every day. Taking too long to fix a bug or add a competitive feature is not an option. Today’s digital distribution infrastructure has to work fast and reliably. And it has to deliver thousands, if not millions, of updates on a schedule that meets your business needs.

Orchestrate for Software and Device Manufacturers

Learn what an end-to-end workflow optimization can do for you

The Limelight solution for Software and Device Manufacturers meets these challenges and offers:

Reliable Operations 24/7/365

Every second that your software is out of date is a potential interruption to your customers’ business operations. This solution, built on the world-class, global Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN), ensures that your updates happen fast and reliably, every day.

Reduced Complexity

We integrate our technology seamlessly into your operations, and our experts help you to simplify and streamline current workflows. Once it’s set, all you need to do is put your software update into our Origin Storage Services and we handle the rest.

Shift from CapEx to OpEx

There is no need to build out (and maintain) costly delivery infrastructure. You get everything you need to ensure secure, lightning-fast delivery of your software or device updates.

Secure Delivery

Choose from a range of security options including geo-fencing, SSL, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation, and others, all available to ensure that your intellectual property is protected.

New update + thousands of users ≠ headache

There’s no headache when you implement the Limelight solution for Software and Device Manufacturers. Your customers receive their software and device updates fast, and our cloud-based infrastructure saves you time and investment.
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Software and Device Manufacturers Interactive Industry Architecture

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Regional Development Teams

Distributed teams involved in the creation and testing of new software who need to share files.

Cloud Storage

Storage that is maintained remotely and accessible over long-distance public or private networks.


To ingest is to upload digital content into a CDN via any of many formats.


Origin is the location where content to be delivered is hosted. It could be positioned near users within the CDN storage infrastructure or at the CDN customers location.

File Manager

A file manager is a system used for tracking the most current files and archiving less popular files.

Software and Web Objects

Software files, applications, application icons, etc.

User Feedback

User feedback is provided by software testers and can be in the form of comments, suggestions, or improvements provided by software testers.

Beta Software Website

A beta software website is where approved beta software testers can download a trial version of software.

Edge Server

An edge server is one of thousands of servers running our EdgePrism software that is placed on the edge of the network to handle local requests faster and lower response times.

Video on Demand (VOD)

Video on Demand is unscheduled programming that can be accessed via over-the-top (OTT) services, cable TV networks, or online—usually through a subscription service.

Edge Server with Token

Edge servers with the ability to transmit or decode tokenized requests play a role in authenticating users and providing access to content. The edge server holds a token that the client must match before authentication is granted.


Tokenization is a system that protects sensitive data by replacing it with an assigned random number—or “token”.

Software Files and Cache

Software Files - Software files are one or more files making up a new release of software.

Cache - High-speed memory storage distributed on a CDN and used for frequently requested files.


SmartPurge is a unique Limelight feature that removes selected content, globally, from the CDN edge caches in seconds.

Purge Request

A purge request is a request for all copies of specific content to be eliminated across all edge cache locations on a CDN.


Data collected through analytics provides a detailed view on overall traffic levels and download requests for software and firmware files.

Accelerated Download Portal

An accelerated download portal is a website that is used exclusively for requesting and downloading files and has been optimized for speed and responsiveness.

Multi-Device Delivery

There is a growing diversity of user devices and content delivery protocols. When delivering content to users, detection of their device type and sending content in the correct format to virtually all devices is critical. Multi-device delivery is the ability to deliver files and media content to mobile, desktop, and server-based devices.

DDoS Attack

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is a malicious effort to slow down or incapacitate a website by overwhelming it with traffic and causing it to crash or operate very slowly. Attackers use large armies of automated "bots"—computers that have been infected with malware and can be remotely controlled by hackers—to create DDoS attacks on a very large scale.

The Limelight solution for Software and Device Manufacturers radically simplifies the process of delivering files to users and their devices overnight, on demand, or continuously. It includes Limelight’s global CDN, distributed Origin Storage Services, and Cloud Security Services. The solution integrates easily with third-party and proprietary download managers.

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Solution Brief: Limelight Solution for Software and Device Manufacturers

A proven solution that is easy to integrate with your existing delivery workflow, and works reliably to deliver your software and firmware to your customers across the globe

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When you rely on Limelight, your customers win

Some of the largest software companies and consumer appliance companies in the world rely on Limelight to get the job done when it comes to updating their customers. Limelight is not just a supplier, but a partner in your business operations. Our deep expertise in solution design and setup have you up and running in no time, and our dedicated Network Operating Center keeps site traffic flowing 24/7/365.