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Limelight Cloud Security Services

Powerful security for your digital content

Maintain content availability and thwart attacks

You can’t afford to have your website to go down because of a DDoS or web application attack. And you can’t afford your digital content to be stolen or accessed by unauthorized users. In both cases you are losing revenue. But is an on-premise security solution the answer? Not when your digital distribution is global.


You can have the best box money can buy installed in front of your web server, but if your uplink gets flooded with bot traffic, it won’t matter—no legitimate requests will be able to reach your origin or your content. To deal with today’s volumetric and targeted attacks, you need comprehensive security services that scale with the growth of your business, that keep your site available, and your content protected.

DDoS Attack Interceptor

Learn about DDoS detection and mitigation technology.

Limelight Cloud Security Services offer a layered defense against malicious website attacks and unauthorized content access, providing a number of valuable features including:

Defensive Protection

The large size and distributed nature of the Limelight CDN inherently protects your infrastructure against malicious traffic flooding by absorbing most attacks before they ever reach your origin.

DDoS Attack Protection and Mitigation

Strong origin and website protection against a wide range of DDoS attacks with real-time behavior analysis identifies attacks within legitimate traffic. Globally distributed detection includes zero-day attacks with offending traffic scrubbing at the edge, and you’ll only be billed for delivered clean traffic.

Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) expands the protections to web applications provided by our Cloud Security Service by detecting and blocking attacks at the network edge in real-time from cyber threats. WAF is integrated with Limelight’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN), providing a secure, distributed architecture that delivers cost-effective protection for web applications without sacrificing performance for security.

SSL with Limelight Wildcard Certificate

Using a Limelight wildcard certificate, SSL connectivity between CDN edge cache and users secures content during transmission through the network. By leveraging the largest SSL footprint, Limelight Cloud Security Services protect intellectual property from theft at global scale.

Controlled Access

Multiple features allow you to control who can access content based on geographic location, IP address, whitelisting and blacklisting, and a URL tokenization system. By implementing various token-generation options such as start time and expiration time, IP addresses or URL length, you can keep unauthorized users off your corporate website.


Our Cloud Security Services work across the Limelight Orchestrate Platform to provide defensive protection for your website and your content regardless of what you are delivering—from safeguarding a video playback portal, to a game download origin, to your website. Maintain brand perception and revenue by blocking network and website attacks.

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Secure and mitigate attacks on your website and web servers with defensive protection.

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Limelight provides a protective shield around your security perimeter.

Data Sheet: DDoS Attack Interceptor

DDoS Attack Interceptor is the only solution in the market that provides situation-aware detection and mitigation technology in the cloud.