White Papers

IDC InfoBrief: 2021 Outlook for Edge Services

Download this InfoBrief and get a first look at the latest in Edge Computing for 2021

Market Research: Get Gartner’s Take on Managing Edge Computing Projects

Gartner’s industry analysts provide the 6 tips for overcoming challenges and managing projects at the network edge

White Paper: Optimizing Mobile Video in 2020

How to leverage video delivery and analytics technology to deliver high quality experiences

Market Research: How Video is Changing the World — 2020

In the past several months there have been dramatic changes and new behaviors in online video consumption of all types.

Market Research: IDC Link

Limelight Delivering on Programmability at the Edge

Market Research: The State of Online Gaming – 2020

Binge-gaming is on the rise, with most gamers reporting having played for more than four hours consecutively

White Paper: Reducing Latency for Live OTT Video Delivery

Live over-the-top video delivery is becoming increasingly more popular and competitive

White Paper: Winning the Battle for the Best OTT Experiences

Consumers have more options for watching online video than ever before, and higher expectations for quality viewing experiences

Market Research: IDC Vendor Profile

Limelight Networks differentiated itself with superior customer experience underpinned by a high-performanceprivate network

Market Research: The State of Online Video 2018

The State of Online Video is Limelight Networks’ latest in a series of surveys that explore consumer perceptions and behaviors around digital content

White Paper: Delivering to the Broadcast Quality Generation

Who is the broadcast generation and how can you give them an immediate, real-time experience?

White Paper: Dos and Don'ts of Deploying a CDN

Tips on how to determine what is most important to your organization and how to choose a Content Delivery Network that meets your needs.

White Paper: 10 Ways to Secure Your Digital Content

Protect your content investment with layers of security

OTT 3.0: How to Build a Better Mousetrap

Competition for viewers is high. Providers must seek ways to improve their OTT experience

White Paper: Broadcasting an eSports Tournament - Keys to Success

You need the right game, the right players, and the right venue and increasingly important—live streaming

Market Research: The State of the User Experience — South East Asia

Across SEA, consumers are spending a considerable amount of time online outside of work

White Paper: 5 Things You Need to Know About Implementing a Multi-CDN Strategy

White Paper: Optimizing the Mobile Video Experience

Leveraging the latest video delivery and analytics technology to deliver high quality experiences

White Paper: Best Practices to Automate and Accelerate Your Content Delivery

Get dramatic improvements by optimizing CDN Origin Storage

White Paper: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defenses for Content Delivery

If you are in charge of ensuring the security of your company’s website, it has not been easy going

White Paper: When Milliseconds Matter

Leveraging the power of edge computing to drive your business forward

White Paper: Optimize Your Video Workflow

Manage and deliver online video more efficiently with the Limelight Video Platform