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Hi and welcome to dev 2 dev.

Developers 2 devices — that’s the journey that your website needs to take. But it’s very challenging at scale. So a lot of websites hire a web CDN.

There’s just two problems - it starts too late, and it ends too early.

It starts too late because it isn’t integrated into the web development environment.

It ends too early because it doesn’t extend into the devices.

Lets’ start with developers

Here’s a simplified software development lifecycle for a web site. Every component of the stack - the database, the server, the browser - is available to the team from local development through to production.

But when you add a typical web CDN, the edge logic that actually makes the CDN work isn’t available to the team and it doesn’t show up until production.

That would be unacceptable for anything else, but people have had to accept it for web CDN because there wasn’t a choice until now.

The Layer0 web CDN makes edge logic part of the developer environment right from the start … it’s EdgeJS, the world’s first javascript configurable CDN, and it makes the CDN a first-class citizen in the development environment end to end.

That’s how Layer0 extends the web CDN into the developer environment. The team is more productive, and can release up to twice as fast.

Now let’s take a look at the device perspective.

Here’s delivery with a typical CDN. The user makes a request. It checks the cache in the device, then it goes up to the CDN to get the static content. But dynamic content isn’t cached, so you’ve got to back to a datacenter to get that, maybe halfway around the world, it begins this arduous journey back, and that’s just for one request. Multiply that by 20 to 50 round trips to build a single page, and that’s why delivery with an ordinary CDN can take 3-6 seconds.

Now Delivery with the Layer0 CDN, same device, same request, the response is instant. How?

Predictive prefetch, just one of many developer tools available. Static and dynamic content are already in the browser cache, the device is an extension of the edge.

That’s how delivery with the Layer0 CDN averages 399 milliseconds, literally the blink of an eye.

The Layer0 web CDN extends from developers all the way into devices … letting you build sub second websites.
More traffic.
More conversions.
More revenue.

You can even add it to your existing CDN to build fast websites faster.

We invite you to visit Layer0 by Limelight, and we look forward to connecting with you and have a great day.