Business as [Un] Usual

Our team is working hard remotely to deliver high quality online content! Check out this video to see how Limelight is changing how streaming has become the new normal.

EdgeFunctions – Serverless Compute at the Edge

Enhance streaming video and content delivery with low-latency, developer-friendly edge compute

Limelight Connects People to Exceptional Digital Experiences

More capacity, a bigger global footprint, and expert services help meet customer needs for online content

Broadcast Asia 2019 - Limelight Reveals the Latest Video Delivery Solutions

Rakuten Viki Shares Why Limelight?

Top video streaming website, Viki, partners with Limelight to deliver video content around the world

Limelight Video Platform Demonstration

A complete end-to-end video management and publishing solution for distributing video

Delivering Interactive Online Experiences

Convert viewers to participants with Limelight Realtime Streaming

IBC 2018 – Limelight Introduces Realtime Streaming

Customers react to Realtime Streaming and the value of working with Limelight

Limelight Realtime Streaming at IBC 2018

Global live streaming with less than one second of latency.

Shortcomings of the Public Cloud

Partnering with Limelight Enables You to Grow Your User Device Count, While Keeping the Lid on Your Compute Costs

What is Limelight Networks Doing in Edge Compute?

What is Edge Compute?

Leveraging the Power of Edge Computing

The Key to Fast and Secure E-commerce Experiences

Detect and block web application security threats with Limelight's WAF solution

Limelight Networks at NAB 2018

New video solutions deliver exceptional online experiences

Limelight Origin Storage Services

All storage is not created equal

IBC2017 Content Everywhere Hub Panel Session

Cyber threat protection technologies and best practices to protect video assets by Steve Miller-Jones

IBC 2017

Putting the Customers' Experience First

Intelligent Ingest

Automatically improve user experience with this new feature for Limelight Origin Storage

Limelight Video Platform: A Complete Video Publishing Workflow

Deliver broadcast quality video to any viewer device anywhere

Delivering a great viewer experience

IABM interviewed Steve Miller-Jones, Sr. Director Product Management on live video events

The VOD Factory Customer Testimonial

VOD Factory easily manages peak traffic demands delivering high quality VOD for OTT companies in France

ARC Light - Speeding User Connections to Website Content

Enhance Brand Reputation and Increase Return Site Visits

Video on Demand

Attract a large audience and keep them coming back for more

File Downloads

Mobile? Video? Personalized content? No problem

Website Acceleration

When a new release is ready, no one wants to wait

Live Video

There are no second chances getting live video right

As a company, we are passionate about servicing the gaming industry

Complex problem-solving support

24/7/365 Monitoring

DDoS Attack Interceptor

Learn about DDoS detection and mitigation technology

Multi-device Media Delivery

Connect with viewers everywhere, minus the headaches

Workflow Overview for Software and Device Manufacturers

A step-by-step overview of the workflow solution that provides more efficient software delivery


CoachGuitar provides a fast, flawless experience to customers who download its app—3,000 times per day

Chili S.p. A.

An OTT provider serves 400,000 customers on a multitude of devices with Limelight technology

Limelight for Software and Device Manufacturers

Learn what an end-to-end workflow optimization can do for you

Limelight Origin Storage Services

All storage is not created equal

Tame Your Workflow Monster

Looking for a way to distribute video to multiple devices? Here it is!

Limelight Control Portal

Simplify your workflow with Limelight’s easy-to-use control portal

The Future of Online Media with Bob Lento, CEO

Video is the future of the Internet. What does it mean for your business?


SmartPurge executes requests immediately, at global scale