Sports Streaming – Football Clubs

Solution Brief


Video plays a vital role in strengthening how football clubs engage with their supporters. The key, for those who do it successfully , is sharing content that simply cannot be seen anywhere else. Match footage and highlights, pre and postmatch interviews and press conferences are all standard fare and broadcast on various TV channels. But football clubs have first-class access to countless hours of exclusive material available on their website that is absolutely perfect for passionate supporters. The most valuable commodity any football club has is its fanbase. Treat them properly, and they’ll stick with a club for a lifetime.

Challenges: Expanding Fan Base and Staying Ahead of Competition

Football clubs are striving to diversify their media offering. Clubs around the world have always tried to extend their reach to attract new fans and new sources of revenue and need to find better ways to do this. Added challenges are how to keep up with rapid advances in video technology and leverage it to stay ahead of the competition and create compelling content to satisfy their global audience of fans.

Addressing These Challenges

Fortunately, clubs have become content factories in their own right. Most have amassed large libraries of videos of full matches, highlights, player interviews and other club activities. Therefore, clubs have the opportunity to capitalise on their capabilities as brands, presenting content in tailored and sophisticated ways. Football clubs are rethinking their position as entertainment and media properties and creating diverse packages of content, to then aim at reaching broader engagement around the globe. This is also where on-demand content, such as full match replays, carry value in OTT services to subscribing supporters in inconvenient time zones, giving them the chance to view content via a reliable, official channel and gain some revenue and fan insights along the way.


To deliver the best viewing experience and stay ahead of the competition, leveraging Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions for managing video libraries, will offload the workflow complexity and provide your viewers with the highest quality video. Limelight’s MMD On Demand solution automatically converts video into multiple OTT streaming formats when requested for distribution:


video on demand workflow

Stored MP4 files are automatically transmuxed on-the-fly to popular streaming formats, saving you storage costs by avoiding the creation of renditions in different formats prior to publication.


To manage a video library, online solutions like Limelight’s Video Platform make it easy to organise and distribute your videos. These platforms provide analytics about viewer engagement such as popular content and how long people watch.

These solutions will help you engage with existing fans in better ways and reach new markets globally, while staying ahead of your competition. Recent events have highlighted the strength of fan power and loyalty to a club. Offer your supporters the best possible streaming experience and they will keep coming back for more.