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Solution Brief

Improve Stream Monetization by Growing Your Audiences

Audiences have more choices than ever for enjoying the excitement of online video.
No longer limited to viewing on their PCs, they’re watching live and on-demand video content on smart TVs, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and mobile devices as they’re out and about. Regardless of how and where they watch, they expect broadcast quality and fast performance.


As the premier video distribution provider, Limelight provides a complete line of live and on demand video delivery services and an online video platform with video management capabilities for delivering your video content to audiences anywhere in the world at high quality and with the lowest rebuffer rates in the industry, including:

  • Video On Demand (VOD)
  • Live Video
  • Low Latency Streaming
  • Online Video Platform
  • Video Content Delivery


These video services are integrated with Limelight’s high performance global private network, enabling your content to bypass the congested internet so you can deliver an exceptional experience for your viewers. Optimized for the highest performance, our network infrastructure includes a global private backbone of distributed PoPs and peering relationships with over 1,000 major ISPs and last-mile networks.

We are known as an innovative trailblazer at the forefront of delivering programs to our viewers who prefer to watch on any device at any time. Limelight is a key part of making this happen flawlessly and has always proactively evaluated our configuration and suggested ways for performance improvement.

Video on Demand Solution

Broadcast-Quality to Keep Viewers Engaged and Coming Back for More

Whether you are an OTT service provider or an online educational platform offering online courses, your audience expects a broadcast quality experience—with no rebuffering—regardless of the device they use for viewing.

Limelight’s VOD solution provides high quality, performance and security for demanding workflows. From automatic packaging of VOD content for delivery to any device, digital rights management, to delivering video content with the highest performance, Limelight has a solution for you.


Limelight Multi-Device Media Delivery On-Demand

Limelight Multi-device Media Delivery On-Demand (MMD OD) provides on-the-fly packaging and delivery of on-demand video content as it’s requested by viewers. Mezzanine MP4 files are automatically transmuxed on the fly to popular streaming formats such as HLS, DASH, and MSS, saving you storage costs by avoiding the creation of multiple different formats prior to publication. MMD-OD simplifies the process of delivering broadcast-quality video to any device, anywhere in the world.


video on demand workflow

Integrated VOD packaging and delivery workflow reduces complexity

Integrated on-the fly Multi-Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities are also available to easily restrict unauthorized access and distribution of your on-demand digital content. Limelight Multi-DRM allows you to add Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apply FairPlay DRM to your content on the fly as it is converted into HLS and DASH for delivery. This helps you reduce storage costs and avoid the complexity of pre-encrypting and storing content in multiple formats, bitrates, and different DRM encryption formats.




Case Study - Channel 4 - Reliable Performance - Consistent Broadcast Quality

"Channel 4 is known as an innovative trailblazer at the forefront of delivering programs to our viewers across the UK who prefer to watch on any device at any time. Limelight is a key part of making this happen flawlessly and has always proactively evaluated our configuration and suggested ways for performance inmprovement."
- Declan Toman, New Media Operations Manager


Channel 4 is a popular public service broadcaster based in the UK offering programs at no cost to viewers across television, film and digital media. The stations’ millions of viewers watch their favorite program whenever, wherever and however they want to.

The Problem

With high adoption rates of on-demand viewing across popular viewing devices, tremendous scalability is essential as traffic spikes can be unpredictable.

The Solution

Channel 4 chose Limleight’s Multi-Media Delivery on-demand (MMD-OD), to serve multiple devices from the same media files. Integration with the CDN that scales to meet even unexpectedly high veiwing demands.

The Result

  • Reliable Performance - Channel 4 viewers receive broadcast quality content consistently and reliably.
  • When traffic spikes occur, Channel 4 benefits from the bandwidth of Limelight’s global private network to meet an unpredictable demand at any time of the day.



Live Video Solutions

Deliver More Engaging Live Streaming Experiences

Whether you’re streaming a live concert, a large sports event or implementing new two-way interactive applications such as sports betting, online gambling, or live auctions, Limelight offers live video solutions optimized for your streaming demands.


Limelight Multi-Device Media Delivery Live

Limelight Multi-device Media Delivery Live (MMD Live) simplifies delivery of live video with on-the-fly cloud-based transcoding of live video streams into multiple bitrates and transmuxing into popular formats, easing the process of delivering the right video formats to the widest range of customer devices.


Live Streaming Video Work Flow

MMD Live workflow, on-the fly packaging of live video for delivery to any device

MMD Live eliminates the need to ingest multiple bitrate streams by creating them from a single high bitrate ingest, and then automatically packaging the streams in the correct format for each device,for delivery anywhere. To increase the monetization of your live streams, Limelight offers the ability to automatically record them for later playback as on-demand video assets in MMD-OD.




Case Study - AnyClip - Added Support for Live Virtual Events - Viewership Increased 24X

"We’re seeing a seismic shift that calls for new solutions and experiences that will allow the full value of online video - including virtual events - to be realized. Within this context, Limelight has helped us to deliver high-quality video experiences both on-demand and live. With their global infrastructure and support, we are ready to offer our partners the required tools to support a holistic video strategy, which is in today’s world the most powerful way to engage with audiences before, during, and after live events while also maximizing the benefit for event sponsors."
- Asaf Dan, COO


AnyClip is a video data and technology company transforming the digital video space. AnyClip’s Luminous Video Platform tool uses patented AI analysis and deep video content data to empower users to create efficient and effective video strategies.

The Problem

AnyClip needed a content delivery partner capable of reliably delivering enriched video content to digital video audiences around the world in a cost-effective manner.

The Solution

AnyClip decided to use Limelight’s Multi-Media Delivery Live (MMD-Live), which make it easy to transcode live video streams into multiple bitrates, execute on-the-fly transmuxing into different formats, and record live events for easy playback.

The Result

  • Expanded their business model to include support for live virtual events
  • Client’s event viewership increased 24X compared to prior events



Deliver the Best Multi-Screen Experiences with Low Latency Live Steaming

Low latency HLS and DASH latency of 3-7 seconds allows streaming providers to deliver live streams at the same or lower latency than traditional broadcast. This provides a second screen experience where the broadcast and stream are viewable at close to the same time, eliminating the spoiler issue, and provide the ability to add stream enhancements without impacting latency.


Limelight Low Latency Streaming

DASH and HLS media formats deliver most live events today and are compatible with the majority of modern consumer devices between them. Without low-latency options for delivery, these formats are generally incurring at least 10 seconds of latency and in some cases up to a minute of latency. Both have options for low-latency delivery, which are at different stages of development and use. For HLS, the LL-HLS specification is being produced by Apple for use on iOS devices and is just beginning to be seen in production solutions and Low-Latency mode for DASH, produced by the DASH Industry Forum, is already in use today to reduce stream latency. The workflow below shows both options for distributing low latency HLS and DASH streams - Pull from origin and Live Push ingest to the CDN.

Low Latency Streaming

Low Latency Streaming workflow of live video for delivery to any device

Both of these formats promise to be able to deliver streams to supporting devices with latencies in the range of 3-7 seconds. This low latency delivery lets you match broadcast latency, making these formats ideal for streaming popular live sports and other major live events to large audiences.


Live Push Ingest with Chunk Transfer Encoding (CTE) protects customers’ live origin from being overwhelmed by requests during large live events. It allows content owners to control bandwidth to CDN Ingest – only a single copy of a stream needs to be pushed to the CDN no matter how many viewers need to receive it.



Deliver More Engaging Interactive Viewing Experiences to Grow Your Audience

As many activities move to online experiences, the ability to provide two-way communication between streaming providers and their audience is becoming part of these applications.

Make it Easy for Viewers to Find Your Content to Increase their Loyalty


Online Video Platform

A Fast, Intuitive Way to Manage and Distribute Online Video

The Limelight Video Platform (LVP) makes it easy to manage all of your video content. Upload media for publishing, add custom metadata, select thumbnails, trim video clips, add and manage closed caption files, create and schedule custom playlists, insert advertising cue points, and more. LVP automatically converts your video content to multi-bitrate, multi-resolution formats including HLS, DASH and MSS, and delivers the right format to each viewer. It also offers a customizable HTML5 video player that makes it easy to add video to any website.


Online Video Platform

Limelight Video Platform to manage video content for online distribution

The Limelight Video Platform lets you have complete control of video files. Audience engagement analytics provide the data needed for improved monetization. Our densely architected global network with over 135 PoPs and direct connections to 1000+ access networks at the edge provide local delivery points caching content for optimum delivery. These capabilities are integral with the Limelight CDN Platform with advanced content delivery capabilities and support services.



Case Study - TFO - TFO Delivered high-quality video across Canada as requests grew from 13,700/day to 30,500/day

"As a result of COVID-19, we had a very short turnaround to support the Ministry of Education’s learn at home initiative and play an important role in the move to online learning with our rich collection of educational videos. As we reached an unprecedented number of visits on our sites, we were hit with massive growth in bandwidth. Thankfully, our CDN infrastructure was built on Limelight, so we were not only ready, but we were also able to expand the initiative nationwide to support as many families and students as possible."
- Micaël N’Goran, Director, Solutions and Optimization


Groupe Média TFO is an Ontario-based French-language public media company leading in the production and broadcasting of educational resources.

The Problem

  • When schools and businesses shut down due to COVID-19, the Ontario Ministry of Education created a portal to support 2 million students and 135,000 teachers and educators all over Ontario and Canada.
  • The influx of new users generated a sudden spike in traffic which had the potential to slow down and/or stall content delivery.

The Solution

  • TFO used Limelight’s private Content Delivery Network (CDN) to support its organic growth and used the Limelight Video Platform to manage and distribute its online video content.
  • With Limelight, TFO was able to deliver a high-quality viewing experience to users on multiple devices across Canada.

The Result

  • Spikes in traffic hitting TFO websites grew from 13,700/day to 30,500/day
  • TFO was able to deliver high-quality viewing to users across Canada



Video Content Delivery

Extend the audience scale and reach of your live and VoD streams

Many video content providers prefer to do their own encoding and formatting of video streams and only use CDNs to handle global distribution of their streams. Limelight has a simple workflow for this use case, shown below, that leverages the massive global capacity of the Limelight CDN of 100+ Tbps, and 1000+ service providers network connectivity.


Video Content Delivery

HTTP Streaming

Share VOD and live video content over HTTP with advanced caching and delivery options that provide a high QoE while reducing load on origin servers.




Case Study - Cinedigm - can deliver its vast library of 60,000 movies and TV shows at broadcast quality

"The complexity of managing an OTT service is pretty high. Limelight’s CDN infrastructure simplifies our workflows and allows us to focus on providing more content for our customers and drive more revenue for our business."
- Tony Huidor, Vice President, Product & Digital Operations


Cinedigm is a leading independent content distributor in the US. It emerged as a leader in the over-the-top (OTT) channel business.

The Problem

Cinedigm’s OTT services were outgrowing its content delivery service (CDN) and limiting the number of video rendition files it could output. In order to increase its customers’ viewing experience, Cinedigm needed to increase the number of video rendition files but wanted to do so at a reasonable cost.

The Solution

Cinedigm found an integrated solution through Limelight Video Delivery Services to support its video on-demand and live streaming needs using Limelight’s CDN. Through its improved workflow using Limelight’s integrated Video Platform, Cinedigm can convert, store, and optimize delivery of all its content while reducing transcoding costs.

The Result

Cinedigm can deliver its vast library of 60,000 movies and TV shows at broadcast quality




Support Services

Helping You Take On New Challenges

Limelight Support Services are designed to help you succeed. Limelight Advanced Services Architects help you implement new capabilities and services as your needs change. We also provide free unrestricted 24/7/365 live customer support so you can respond to any challenge. Our experts help you with live event planning, configuration and pre-event testing to reduce overall event risk.

Our Network Operations Center is staffed with experts with extensive experience managing and operating one of the largest global networks. Contact us to learn more about why our customer satisfaction scores continue to reach new highs, year after year.