Limelight Cloud WAF Service


Web application development is becoming more complex, rapid and more vulnerable than ever before. The Limelight Cloud WAF Service – Powered by Radware, provides the industry’s best web application security by using a positive security model based on machine-learning technologies to provide comprehensive protection coverage against OWASP Top 10 threats and other vulnerabilities. Limelight’s Cloud WAF Service provides dynamic security policies with automatic false-positive correction, built-in DDoS protection, integrated bot mitigation and many other features to help protect organizations against the risk of data loss.

Continuous Delivery Without Continued Vulnerability

Complete Protection

The Cloud WAF provides the industry’s best web application protection based on a positive security model for full coverage against OWASP TOP-10 threats and more.

Faster Time to Security

Advanced automation technologies instantly detect attacks, respond on-the-fly and reduce exposure for organizations.

Reduced Overhead

Automated WAF defenses and expert managed services take the burden off IT teams and provide better security with lower overhead.

Automatic Traffic Learning

The WAF uses advanced machine-learning algorithms that analyze traffic, learn what constitutes legitimate behavior and automatically block malicious activity.

Application Mapping

Automatically maps protected applications, detects code changes whenever new features are added or modified, and identifies potential vulnerabilities.

Adaptive Policies

Continuously adapts security policies to optimize coverage to applications’ threat profile to maximize security coverage and reduce false positives.

Limelight Cloud Waf Service Features

Complete Protection against OWASP TOP-10 Threats

  • Based on a positive security model which uses advanced behavioral-analysis technologies to detect malicious threats
  • Built-in DDoS protection to stop both network- and application-layer DDoS attacks
  • Bot mitigation using advanced IP-agnostic device fingerprinting to identify malicious bots based on unique device characteristics
  • Data leakage prevention mechanisms to automatically mask sensitive user data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Increased Agility for Continuous Delivery

  • Fully-managed security service by an expert Emergency Response Team (ERT), one of the industry’s largest and most experienced security teams
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who serves as a focal point for all issues, including configuration, integration, upgrades and attack mitigation
  • Continuously adaptive policies that automatically map applications, detect changes in them and dynamically deploy the optimal security policy
  • Automatic false-positive correction using powerful machine-learning algorithms that identify legitimate application behavior

Easy Management & Control

  • Rich centralized dashboard to display threats and manage configuration
  • Granular alerting capabilities to make sure that you’re the first to know if something happens
  • Easy-to-read executive reports with concise incident details
  • Centralized reporting for both WAF and DDoS protection