Limelight Web Acceleration Services


Limelight Web Acceleration Services improve the performance of websites and applications by accelerating the interaction between users and your application infrastructure to speed up the delivery of static content like images, text and video as well as dynamic content that changes with each user.

Challenges Delivering Complex Websites and Apps

Web pages are increasing in size and complexity due to more objects and content types. The result is longer page load time. Longer load times increase the risk of abandonment. Making matters worse, growing amounts of video and software download traffic are increasing network congestion and internet latency. As users become globally distributed, and the diversity of connected devices continues to grow, the number of delivery formats that have to be supported multiplies. Even with all the challenges that come with content delivery, expectations for a great quality of experience have not changed.

Web Acceleration Services Help You Solve These Challenges

Web Acceleration Services address the challenges in delivering complex web content, ensuring web pages and apps are delivered to users on virtually any device with fast page load times. Web Acceleration Services cache static objects and accelerate dynamic content. Delivery speed is improved through first-mile, middle-mile, and last-mile optimization. Device detection provides the ability to deliver specific content in the correct format to all user devices, ensuring a superior user experience.


Website and Application Acceleration

Integrated solution that accelerates dynamic content and optimizes the first, middle, and last mile to overcome network congestion and latency.

TCP and Connection Optimization

Our in-house developed software that runs on top of Limelight servers manages the underlying TCP layer to maximize the software and hardware interplay, allowing faster transmission of data packets between servers.

HTTP/2 Support

The HTTP/2 protocol speeds the delivery of web content by using a single persistent connection per page that multiplexes and prioritizes requests and responses.

Website and Application Device Detection

Identification of device (through request header) with configurable actions based on results such as delivering device-specific content from among multiple web page versions.

ARC Light

ARC Light enables Web Acceleration Services to bring compute to the edge. User request and origin responses are modified in realtime to increase speed to content and offload complex business logic from your application infrastructure. Gain instant scale for common application functions, close to your users.

Business Benefits

Increased Audience Engagement

By reducing the amount of time it takes for content to load, you increase audience engagement and lessen the chances of early abandonment.

Enhance Your Brand

Delivering relevant content with crisp images and video drives longer user engagement and a higher-value user experience.