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Limelight Video Platform


Limelight Video Platform is the fastest and most intuitive way to manage and distribute online video to media devices everywhere. Engage web audiences with immersive video content. Track performance and collect valuable metrics from your viewers. The power and simplicity of Limelight Video Platform lets you manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize web video with ease. Upload your source file and our transcoding services automatically handle video format conversions and publishing steps required for optimized viewing on any device, anywhere.

LVP Key Components

CMS Content Management

Upload media, search metadata, schedule publishing, and manage channels and playlists. Create thumbnails, clips, custom metatags and more.

HTML5 Player

Customizable, embeddable HTML5 player delivering HLS and Dash chunked video that support VAST ad tags. Legacy player available for delivering Flash.


Localized ingest connectivity worldwide, with a simple point-and-click browser-based app. Or use FTP or APIs for bulk ingest.

Automatic Transcode

Create custom encoding profiles and automatically convert media to multi-bitrate, multi-resolution formats for playback on Desktop browsers, Apple IOS and Android devices.


REST-based content, player, analytics, and callback APIs provide flexibility and customization.

Reports and Analytics

Metrics for viewer engagement and performance with reporting provides data to improve monetization.

Content Access Restrictions

Control the domains and countries allowed to play your content.

“Between tablets, peripheral plug-in devices like Roku and Apple TV, native smart TV applications, smartphones, and tablets, the streaming hardware market has never been more fragmented. It’s a significant challenge to support the wide and ever-growing array of consumer electronics and accommodating the rapid hardware and software evolution of each individual device. Limelight helps us deliver video in the ideal format to each of these competing but inherently different streaming platforms.”

Challenges to Managing and Delivering Broadcast-Quality Video

Video audiences expect broadcast quality on any device, anywhere they are viewing. But delivering live and on-demand video to the diversity of devices used, and supporting all required formats is complex. What’s more, managing a growing library of large VOD files is expensive and takes planning. Monetization of content via advertising requires thorough knowledge of your audience behavior via video analytics. Addressing all these issues, while delivering the user experience demanded by your audience, is a serious challenge.

How Limelight’s Video Platform Solves the Challenges

The Limelight Video Platform tackles the challenges with video conversion by offloading complex transcoding functionality to the cloud. Comprehensive content management lets you have complete control of video files. Audience engagement analytics provide the data needed for improved monetization. Our densely architected global network with dozens of global POPs and direct connections to hundreds of access networks at the edge, provide local delivery points caching content for optimum delivery.

Business Benefits

The Limelight Video Platform includes powerful business benefits:

Speed Time to Revenue

By reducing the time it takes to load content into the CDN, the audience has faster access to it and can interact with it sooner.

Reduce Planning and IT investment

Infrastructure for ingest and video format conversion significantly reduces CapEx requirements.

Reduce Internal Workloads

Leveraging cloud-based transcoding offloads a computationally complex task and assures delivery of the correct video format to every user device.

LVP Features

CMS Content Management

  • Media uploads and migration
  • Filter, sort, and search metadata
  • Custom metadata
  • Video clipper tool
  • Skim thumbnails via API
  • Syndication/Feeds
  • Channels/Playlists
  • Scheduling
  • Player branding
  • Media publish/unpublish

HTML5 Player

  • SmartEmbed determines what encoding to use based on user’s device
  • Embed HTML5 videos compatible with all major browsers, operating systems and mobile browsers.
  • Automatically play a video when a web page is rendered
  • Open Source community support for function customizations
  • Easy to skin to match look and feel and overall branding of websites
  • Integrated analytics provide viewer insights
  • Flash player available


  • Local ingest points world wide
  • Upload and manage media through the graphical UI
  • FTP Upload for large media files and metadata
  • Aspera for secure high-throughput over great distances
  • API Upload for programmatic upload from CMS or asset management system


  • Create custom encoding profiles
  • Automatic conversion to multiple bitrates and resolutions upon upload
  • H.264 video and AAC audio
  • HD quality
  • Apple IOS and Android device support
  • DRM packaging


  • REST-based content API—Gives developers programmatic access to media and supporting metadata for creation of fully integrated apps and sites.
  • Player API—Allows control and customization of player interactions to create unique viewing experiences.
  • Analytics API—Access to viewership metrics to externally analyze, build custom apps, or integrate with reporting systems.
  • Closed Caption API—Upload of DFXP closed caption files.
  • Callback API—Notification when media or channels are created, modified, or deleted.

Reports and Analytics

  • Overview Metrics—Most viewed videos, top traffic, most shared video, number of plays.
  • Engagement Metrics—Drop-off data, playback milestones.
  • Performance Metrics—Number of views, average time played, total viewers, replays, performance data.

Advertise and Monetize

  • Connect to ad servers and networks
  • Ad network integration