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Delivering Video On Multiple Devices


So what are the challenges facing content providers today?

  • Ensuring that your video is automatically optimized for every device, globally
  • Managing the complexities of multiple video encoding standards and formats
  • Scaling video storage and delivery to meet unpredictable demand
  • Protecting your videos from unauthorized access
  • Capturing audience engagement metrics and actionable inputs



Every content provider struggles with the ability to deliver engaging media experiences across a multi-device, global landscape. And as the demand for online media (especially video) increases, so do viewer expectations. They want high-quality, high-definition, instantaneous videos—anywhere, any time, and on any device.


Failing to deliver a superior digital experience comes at a high cost. For example, to provide great quality to for every viewer, you might increase bandwidth, amassing more capital expenditures to accommodate more viewers, spurring over-management. On the other hand, unused bandwidth garners no revenue. Then again, poor video quality (whose source can be difficult and time consuming to track down) triggers help-desk and service calls, raising operating expenses. And so on.


But perhaps the most damaging effect of poorly performing video is the increased customer churn that comes from falling viewer satisfaction. One poor viewing experience can cost you all of a customer’s revenue. And, how much does it cost you to replace a lost customer?


Let Limelight help.

Limelight: Delivering Video on Any Device

Limelight powers your videos for a superior digital experience from a single content source for the mobile shopper, Xbox gamer, or desktop user—everywhere around the globe. You will be able to better engage web audiences across the spectrum of mobile, gaming, set-top boxes, and other OTT devices and formats.

Solve Day-to-Day Problems

With multi-device video delivery at your fingertips, your teams will have fewer video-on-demand source files to manage and store, dramatically reducing the resources and costs required to manage encoding and allowing your teams to focus on strategic priorities.

On-the-fly transmuxing

Removes complexity by repackaging a single stream asset on the fly, while offering flexibility to support future formats. This simplifies workflow while reaching the widest audience possible, saving on both capital and operational expenditures.

Controlled distribution

Restrict access to your content within a defined geographic area—ideal for original content providers or licensed media. If advertising is a primary driver, we can help you constrain your audience to your target geography. And when you need information to stay private, we can deploy secure socket layer (SSL) certificates.

Mobile delivery

Limelight Orchestrate™ Content Delivery is designed to enable mobile delivery and superior quality viewer experiences everywhere in the world.

Actionable analytics

Real-time data collection and analysis give you insight into customer activity levels at any moment, to act quickly under changing conditions. Historical data on hourly, daily, and monthly traffic reveal patterns, letting you correlate trends to specific objects, URLs or data types. Geographical reports segment your data into regions down to the city level.

What delivery optimizations can Limelight provide?

    The ones you need most:

  • Multiple protocol support: HTTP, HTTPS, RTMP
  • Multi-format support: Apple HLS, Microsoft MSS and Adobe HDS
  • Compression on the fly
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming

Deliver Your Message Worldwide

You have something to say, and you want to say it LOUD. Make sure your video is delivered in every way, everywhere, on Limelight’s global private network.


Duplicate all of your video streams globally. Access thousands of servers worldwide to ensure that your video is available globally, whether for one viewer or 10,000.


Connections to data centers and user access networks worldwide ensure consistent last mile connectivity. (With our no-singlepoint-of-failure infrastructure, your content will be replicated in multiple locations; we can even provide automatic failover in the event of overload.) Because we fully control our network, we can respond accordingly to any issues that arise.

Global storage

Offload all of your files into the cloud for highly available storage and fast uploads via localized upload and delivery points. Distribute your content directly from your servers or use Limelight as an origin for pushing content to our network edge. Take advantage of our scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing to handle your growing storage needs.


With the equivalent of over 520,000 EC2 Compute Units and 9+ Tbps of egress capacity, we scale to meet your needs and keep your business online, even during high surges in traffic.

Take Control

You want a level of control over your video content and video delivery that not all vendors can provide. Limelight gives you increased control—without all the complexity—over your content and its security, the way it is loaded, delivered and consumed.

Content control

Limelight’s intelligent platform proactively refreshes caches and has the industry leading cache retention ratio. You can modify your configurations on the go, any time, with our web-based control portal. You can even choose a rate limiting option, capping the data transfer rate allocated to each delivery. If users abandon a video, you’ve only delivered the portion that was viewed.

URL authentication

Limelight’s scalable URL authentication uses a unique time-based URL each time content is requested to protect you from abuse by spiders, bots, and deep linking. We also avoid unwanted three-way handshakes, common to other methods of authentication.

Secure socket layer certificates

We fully support secure delivery of your content and multiple subdomains to keep information private by deploying secure socket layer (SSL) certificates. We simplify wildcard, SAN, and FQDN procurement and management. We can also deploy your already in-use certificates with 1024 bit encryption or higher intelligence routing.

Digital rights management (DRM)

Orchestrate Content Delivery is fully integrated with Google Widevine to protect your content. Widevine’s multiplatform DRM can license, securely distribute, and protect playback of your content on any IP-connected device. We fully host our own end-to-end Widevine offering, providing packaging, policy management, client development SDKs and secure delivery.

Cloud storage

Our network is purpose-built to store and deliver your entire file library, regardless of size or object type. This integration gives you a global, policy based solution that offers unprecedented geographic reach, content workflow, business logic controls, and lightning fast delivery.

Take Control

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