Limelight Video Delivery Services


Limelight Video Delivery Services leverage the global Orchestrate Platform to deliver broadcast-quality video to virtually any device, anywhere. Using the speed and security of the Orchestrate platform, they provide additional functionality in the form of content conversion, playback, and delivery optimization.


HTTP VOD and Live Streaming

Support for streaming VOD and Live video in HTTP formats.

Live Video Streaming

Transmux or transcode on-the-fly your live video feed. Options include multi-bit rate, multi-resolution, H.264 (Video)/AAC (Audio), HD quality, device support (Apple iOS, Android), custom encoding profiles, and support for audio-only content.

Video on Demand

Transmux your MP4 content into a variety of chunked formats including HLS, HDS (Adobe), MSS (Microsoft), and MPEG-dash.


Globally deployed edge with densely architected high-efficiency caching, and significant Tbps egress capacity.

MP4 Seek

Support for jumping to a specific point within an MP4 video file.

FLV Seek

Support for jumping to a specific point within a Flash video file.

Live Streaming Player

Adaptive Bit Rate ready player auto-detects the browser/OS/device, Internet connection speed, and adjusts the playback accordingly.

“Between tablets, peripheral plug-in devices like Roku and Apple TV, native smart TV applications, smartphones, and tablets, the streaming hardware market has never been more fragmented. It’s a significant challenge to support the wide and ever-growing array of consumer electronics and accommodating the rapid hardware and software evolution of each individual device. Limelight helps us deliver video in the ideal format to each of these competing but inherently different streaming platforms.”

Challenges to Delivering Broadcast Quality Video

Video audiences expect broadcast quality on any device, anywhere they are viewing. But delivering live and on-demand video to the diversity of devices used, and supporting all required formats is complex. What’s more, scaling storage to accommodate a growing library of large VOD files is expensive and takes planning. As if these challenges weren’t enough to deal with, there are board-level concerns about the increase in network attacks and about theft of data. Addressing all these issues, while delivering the user experience demanded by your audience, is a serious challenge.

How Limelight Video Delivery Services Solve the Challenges

Limelight Video Services tackle the challenges using connected-device detection with automatic conversion, which offloads complex transcoding and transmuxing functionality to the cloud. Our densely architected global network with dozens of global POPs and direct connections to hundreds of access networks at the edge, provides local caching of content for optimum delivery. Integrated security services, like DDoS Attack Interceptor and Web Application Firewall, keep your video website protected and available, while SSL and URL tokenization secures content and prohibits unauthorized access.

Business Benefits

Limelight Video Delivery Services include powerful business benefits:

Speed Time to Revenue

By reducing the time it takes to load content into the CDN, the audience has faster access to it and can interact with it sooner.

Reduce Planning and IT Investment

Combined infrastructure for delivery and storage significantly reduces CapEx requirements.

Reduce Internal Workloads

Leveraging cloud-based transcoding and transmuxing offloads computationally complex tasks and assures delivery of the correct video format to every user device.

Keep Revenue Flowing

Defending against attacks with website protection maintains availability of content, and access authentication limits viewership to authorized users.