Selling Software by Subscription?

Make Sure Your Infrastructure Can Handle It.


Many software businesses are actively moving to offering their customers a subscription model for buying software. Cloud-based services allow software to be offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, and the benefits to customers are significant. For provider companies, however, the move to a subscription model has a significant impact on billing, marketing, product development and product delivery infrastructure. Some of the challenges likely to face the software delivery infrastructure include the need to:


  • Deliver continuously vs. pre-set release dates.
  • Deliver at the same time as billing goes through – not later or earlier.
  • Increase volume of delivery as subscription pricing makes software affordable for more users
  • Ensure secure delivery 24/7/365


Limelight’s infrastructure solutions for software delivery can help you with both your business and technical requirements for delivering software by subscription.

Evolution of Software Delivery Modes

Physical Media (Disk and Tape) Digital Distribution SaaS (Browser-Based) Subscription
  Physical Media Digital Distribution SaaS
    Physical Media Digital Distribution
      Physical Media

Software delivery has evolved from shipping releases on physical tape or disk, to digital downloading files, creating browser-based versions, and issuing continuous updates via subscriptions.

Business Requirement Infrastructure Requirement Why Partner With Limelight Networks
Move from intermittent releases via internet, to continuous product flow Needs ‘always-on” distribution network Experienced Advanced Services team will build your solution and conduct extensive testing before turning your solution on
High availability Resilient architecture Limelight’s CDN features a private fibre-optic network connecting massively provisioned delivery centers – all monitored 24/7 to ensure high availability. In addition, Cloud Storage Services replicate files automatically ensuring they are always available.
Minimize disruption from patches, software fixes. Ability to download patches or fixes in the background; Ability to purge defective releases from delivery network - fast Prior to initiating a patch or fix, updates can be loaded into Limelight’s CDN global edge cache – ready for instant downloads from any location. Limelight’s SmartPurge gets rid of defective files in seconds
Efficient download for every end-user A global distribution network that performs consistently Limelight’s 24 X 7 network monitoring center gets rid of bottlenecks before you even know they exist
Cost effectiveness Optimized pricing structures for content delivery Integrated cloud-based solutions shift costs from CapEx to OpEx ensuring you pay only for what you need
Protect intellectual property Secure access portals, networks, and protocols Comprehensive security including proactive DDoS detection and mitigation, a global SSL footprint, and DRM protect your business

Your Limelight Software Subscription Solution

The Limelight solution for Software and Device Manufacturers is a powerful, integrated cloud-based solution that enables you to get your software to subscribers fast and reliably. Built on top of an industry leading Content Delivery Network (CDN), this solution helps you tackle the challenges of delivering high volume updates to global client devices anytime, anywhere.

What does Limelight do for Software and Device Manufacturers?

Limelight’s Advanced Services will build a step by step migration plan for you to move from your current delivery solution to a CDN-based solution using a single or multi-CDN model.

Every step in your subscription workflow will be tested, as well the full end-to-end workflow so that all sources of latency are reduced and/or eliminated. The result will be a smooth flow that saves time and reduces complexity compared with your current solution.

Global Private Network

Limelight has one of the world’s largest private networks with industry-leading cache efficiency, and the scale and reliability needed to deliver software or updates to any device, anywhere, anytime.

Zero-Rated Traffic

A unique solution for toll-free delivery that leverages selective IP whitelisting to help avoid mobile user bill shock.

Cloud Storage

A globally distributed origin storage solution that integrates with Limelight’s CDN to optimize worldwide delivery and management of media and software content by positioning content close to end-users, simplifying storage and lowering operational costs.

Device Detection

Smart edge device detection ensures the correct updates are delivered to every connected device. Every device is accessible with Limelight’s mobile detection capabilities and a wired and OTT (over-the-top) device-ready network.

Tight Security

Global secure delivery (SSL) capacity, geo-fencing for regional access rights and DDoS Attack Interceptor for attack mitigation all help protect digital file delivery against downtime, loss of business and negative impact on brand reputation.

Outstanding, Personalized Service

It’s not just our suite of software that separates us from other CDN providers; it’s also our commitment to your success. Through a 24/7/365 network operations center, self-provisioning services, account management portal, and a global support system, your uptime is always a priority.