Cloud-based Recursive DNS delivers fast and reliable access to online resources with built-in security and threat intelligence. Recursive name servers act as middlemen between end-users and authoritative servers, caching DNS record information of the most queries for popular domains, eliminating the need to query authoritative name servers for improved performance.

Challenges Maintaining Fast DNS Performance

The DNS infrastructure has significantly expanded as global users utilize multiple devices to connect to the internet. This expansion increases performance demands, and limits visibility into threats targeting and infecting your network. Despite safety measures and security provisions, malware can bypass network defenses, costing you time and resources to resolve issues, and impacting network performance.

How the Limelight UltraRecursive DNS Solves the Challenges

Limelight UltraRecursive is an enterprise grade, cloud-based service that offers a suite of powerful features and capabilities:

  • Fast Performance—Queries are quickly resolved through a highly reliable, global DNS infrastructure. The UltraRecursive nodes are co-located with Limelight’s authoritative and top-level-domain (TLD) servers, providing near-zero latency responses and instant cache updates for the zones that Limelight hosts.
  • Early Detection—Stops threats at the first point of contact and blocks malware before it reaches networks or endpoints by using Limelight and third-party threat intelligence feeds.
  • Effective Protection—Mitigates threats by preventing access to malicious websites known for malware, phishing, spyware and bots. Blocks unwanted and inappropriate content with the use of pre-defined category-based web filtering and custom white and black lists.
  • DDoS Protection—Built-in DDoS protection to defend against attacks towards UltraRecursive and to ensure that your DNS does not become a source for future DDoS attacks against others.
  • Acceptable Use Policies—Customize and easily enforce company-wide policies at the user level to improve productivity and ensure global workforces aren’t distracted by non-compliant sites.
  • Support—24x7x365 support from a team of dedicated DNS experts.

Business Benefits

  • Rapid DNS Resolution—Achieve near-zero latency for internal DNS resolution for fast and reliable access to vital online applications. Receive instant cache updates to UltraDNS hosted zones.
  • Built-in Security and Threat Intelligence—Eliminates bad traffic before it reaches your network of end users.
  • Control Access—Provide enterprise-wide control over access to internet resources.