As viewers increasingly consume content online, one of the primary complaints with watching live sports and other realtime events is the delay between the broadcast feed and the online stream. Limelight Realtime Streaming is the first scalable, sub-second live video streaming solution that’s natively supported by major browsers without special plug-ins. Now, online viewers can enjoy the action at the same time—or possibly even before—the broadcast viewers. Limelight Realtime Streaming’s sub-second latency enables you to create interactive applications that include live realtime data and video, making it easy to deliver online viewing experiences that open up new possibilities for how live content distributors interact with viewers.


Traditional HTTP live streaming breaks the video into small segments or chunks that must be buffered prior to playback, causing live streams to lag realtime by 30 seconds or more. It’s possible to reduce the size of the chunks to decrease the delay, but making them too small increases the chance viewers will experience video rebuffering and other playback issues. While streaming latency may be acceptable for some live streaming use cases, it does not satisfy the requirements for realtime workflows that require true sub-second latency for viewers everywhere.


Limelight Realtime Streaming is the first scalable solution that allows video to be streamed from anywhere, to viewers everywhere, in less than a second. It utilizes the industry-standard WebRTC video format to deliver reliable, broadcast-quality, realtime video streaming using the UDP data transfer protocol. Video streams do not need to be segmented into chunks and buffered before they are viewed, eliminating streaming delays. WebRTC is natively supported in major web browsers without needing special plug-ins or custom applications, making it easy for viewers to enjoy realtime video on a variety of devices. Limelight Realtime Streaming leverages Limelight’s global private network which has the capacity, reach, and connectivity to ensure a high-quality, realtime viewing experience for audiences—wherever they are.


In addition to live global sub-second video delivery, Limelight Realtime Streaming provides numerous tools and capabilities to help you maximize the value of your live streams. Adaptive Bitrate streaming delivers the highest possible picture quality to each viewer, even over changing network conditions, ensuring every viewer has the best possible online experience and keeps coming back for more. Integrated content security and access control capabilities make it easy to stop unauthorized viewing of your live streams, including the ability to block access to streams by geolocation. Analytics are also available to help you understand how and where your content is being viewed and better engage your audience.


Limelight Realtime Streaming’s sub-second live video enables you to create interactive online experiences by integrating live data with video. Sports fans can now vote for the player of the match, wager on who will score the next goal, or choose which camera angle they would like to view, right from their computer or mobile device. Gamers can have an integrated chat channel with their video. Fans of eSports can participate in event commentary along with the live in-arena audience. Limelight Realtime Streaming opens up new business opportunities in sports, gaming, auctions, and more by making live viewing a more interactive social experience.


Limelight Realtime streaming includes the following features:



Create, update, delete streams, as needed using an API or through the self-service UI.

Flexible Ingest

Live ingest via RTMP with single or multiple bitrates within your global region.

Redundant Ingest

Seamless failover from primary to a backup ingest location is available with auto-reconnect.

Custom Stream Naming

Make stream publishing fast and simple, so that Limelight Realtime Streaming integrates easily with your video publishing and CMS workflows.


Sub-Second Latency

Video delivery from ingest to edge, anywhere in the world in less than one second.

Configurable Streaming Options to Support Different Devices

Define a custom bitrate and resolution up to 3 Mbps per stream for optimum viewing experience.


Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Videos

Restrict access to video using geo-blocking based on viewer location, IP address whitelist & blacklist access control, URL tokenization, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

CDN Stream Authentication

Restricts ingest of live streams to authenticated sources.


Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Streaming

Viewers automatically receive the highest possible picture quality up to 3Mbps for their available bandwidth and current network conditions.

RTMP Fallback

If the end-user device does not support WebRTC, the output stream will default to RTMP with ABR. Audio will continue to play if bandwidth drops and video freezes.

Video can be Viewed Using Standard Web Browsers

Live streams can be viewed in standard web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera (soon with Microsoft Edge)—without the need for special plug-ins.

Integration with Android and iOS Applications

SDKs are available to integrate Limelight Realtime Streaming capabilities with Android and iOS applications.


Integrated Analytics for Decision Making

Robust usage data is available to help you understand viewer behavior and make strategic business decisions.


Limelight Realtime Streaming brings online viewers into the live action. And by sharing interactive data with your live video, you can open up new workflows in sports, gaming, gambling, and more. Sports fans can watch the action online while chatting with other fans, voting for the player of the game, or even choosing which camera angle they want to view—all without worrying about spoilers from fans watching the broadcast feed. Gamblers can play live online casino games or make an in-play live wager right up until the last second, and esports fans can participate in event commentary along with fans in the arena. Limelight provides the tools and capabilities you need to grow your online audience and provide an interactive viewing experience that helps you increase the value of your live content.