Limelight Packaged Services


Limelight Packaged Services provide hands-on support for configuration tuning, data migration, and security settings for website acceleration or data transfer.


Limelight Packaged Services include rule setting and real-time monitoring of go-live with engineering assist:

Website Acceleration Features:

Traffic Director Optimization

Up to 25 policies (rule sets) and 50 resources defining when to return a defined resource in response to a DNS query.

Rules at the Edge

Up to three rule configuration files; six hours of planning, testing, and basic documentation; real-time monitoring of go-live with engineers ready to assist; analysis and “matching” of non-Limelight configuration files.

Domain Names Implementation

Additional or new domain names, including copying an existing configuration; six hours of planning, testing, and basic documentation; real-time monitoring of go-live with engineers ready to assist.

Data Transfer Features:

Upload to Cloud Storage

Confirmation of validity and integrity of data source (cloud or disk); transfer manifest, initiated transfer, verified transfer, generated report.

Export Cloud Storage Data

Transfer manifest, initiated transfer, verified transfer, generated report; shipping.

Cloud Storage Content Report

Data content file report with a 30-day Media Vault hash.

Challenges Implementing CDN Services

Deploying a new solution can be challenging and time consuming. Although initiating basic services is relatively painless, migrating an entire library of content and optimizing the accelerated delivery of that content can be tedious and daunting.

How Limelight Packaged Services Solve the Challenge

Limelight Packaged Services solves those critical challenges through a dedicated, hands-on approach. By assigning technical resources to the optimization of website acceleration and data transfer tasks, customers are assured that their transition to Limelight is managed efficiently. The Limelight Advanced Services team will analyze existing configurations then migrate and optimize that configuration to the Limelight CDN platform. We take care of the complete switchover process and help guarantee that business remains 100% available during the transition—no interruptions to the current delivery environment or busy staff.

Business Benefits

Limelight Networks Packaged Services includes powerful business benefits:


Flexible data migration options to enable you to easily and quickly ingest data into the Limelight infrastructure, or transfer data out.


Best-in-class measures and advanced caching techniques to provide peace-of-mind that transferred data remains secure.

Hands-on Support

Specialized Limelight experts who tune and optimize solutions to fit a customer’s unique needs.

Knowledge Transfer

Complete configuration documentation to ensure customer’s staff is knowledgeable about their Limelight services and the optimization or data transfer process.

Quality Assurance

End-to-end quality assurance prior to launch, with onsite and remote experts managing the ”go live“ moment to ensure the best possible launch experience.

Minimize Downtime

Lowest impact on your current production environment.