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Online Video Streaming


In this brief, you will learn:

  • The state of online video streaming
  • The challenges in delivering streaming video content
  • How to solve those challenges


Video streaming is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, according to Nielsen, the number of hours Americans spent watching online video grew 30% between Q4 2012 and Q4 2013.1


This impressive growth is further punctuated by the growth in original digital video—streaming video content launched exclusively online. According to the IAB, approximately 22% of Americans watch original digital video.2


But streaming video isn’t without its challenges. More and more consumers are employing mobile devices to watch video, which adds inherent complexity to the delivery process as those devices travel through different networks with varying speeds. And what’s more, those devices may require specific content formats or security mechanisms such as DRM.

Key Challenges

Companies who need this solution of ten face the following challenges:

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Delivery and scale—Getting your video content to your viewers may seem like a pretty easy task but it all comes down to infrastructure and whether or not you have what you need to meet demand—not only in your local area, but around the globe. Do you have the infrastructure you’ll need to deliver videos to viewers at the quality and performance they expect? And when your streaming video is live, will you have the bandwidth to support a sudden spike in viewers?


You may have content that you’ve licensed or that you’re responsible for keeping safe. Perhaps it can only be accessed in certain locations or by certain users. Regardless, you have an obligation to ensure that only authorized users can access it. How are you protecting your video content?


Maybe your streaming video is the cornerstone of your business model. Or maybe you’d just like to monetize some of the views you’ve been receiving. Either way, you need an easy way to integrate advertising or set up login credentials for subscription-based access. What are you doing to monetize your content?


More and more consumers are watching their videos on mobile devices, all of which seem to require a different format or resolution. Supporting a multitude of devices can quickly complicate your content publishing workflow, making it harder to get your videos to your viewers in the formats they need. How are you ensuring that your video can be viewed on any device?

Varying network speeds

Mobile devices on different networks may only be able to handle a certain quality of video. Desktop and laptop computers may be resource burdened, only capable of handling a specific quality video. In order to provide your viewers with the appropriate level of quality, you need to ensure that they get the right bitrates.


You can’t be left wondering what’s happening with your video content. You need to know the behavior of your viewers. When are they dropping off, how long are they engaging, on what devices are they viewing? Answering these questions can help you provide a better experience.


Limelight Networks solves each of these challenges accordingly:


With Orchestrate Content Delivery, you get all the infrastructure you need. Powered by a proven, global CDN, Orchestrate Content Delivery can get your videos to wherever your users are, pretty much anywhere on the planet, and in the right format for whatever device they are using. With massive scale, Limelight ensures that your event continues to perform flawlessly even when traffic increases beyond your wildest expectations.


The Limelight Orchestrate platform includes a variety of content security features including DRM (Widevine), geo-fencing (restricting access to content based on the location of the user), tokenization (requiring an approved token for content access), and URL obfuscation (hiding the original location of the source material).


Orchestrate Video is integrated directly with leading ad networks to enable the insertion of ads before and after your video content.


When you use Limelight Orchestrate Video, you don’t have to worry about delivering to different devices, it’s done automatically. From iOS to Android™ to Roku®, we ensure that your video is playable on the devices your viewers are using.

Varying network speeds

With Limelight Orchestrate Video and Orchestrate Content Delivery, your video is delivered in the appropriate bitrates to the devices that your viewers are using. What’s more, when you provide a single, high bitrate version, we can convert it automatically into the lower bitrates you’ll need to support any viewer’s bandwidth.


Incorporated into Orchestrate Content Delivery and Orchestrate Video are in-depth analytics to help you understand the business value of your streaming video content. Leveraging both a web-based interface and log files you can consume into your own reporting dashboard, you’ll have a clear picture of how your viewers are engaging with your content. 


Streaming video, especially original digital content, is growing, especially across different mobile devices. But delivering streaming video isn’t without its challenges. You need a flexible, scalable delivery infrastructure to ensure that your video gets to the devices your viewers are using in the bitrates they can support. The Limelight Orchestrate platform can help solve those challenges with a complete end-to-end solution designed to make converting and delivering your streaming video painless.