Provide engaging online live dealer gaming experience with low latency streaming

Solution Brief

Live online dealer games are growing in popularity with online casinos, driven by global player demand. According to Grandview Research, the global online casino market will grow from $54B in 2019 with a CAGR of 11.5% in the period 2020 – 20271. They are particularly well suited to the current environment where there is increased consumer interest in online activities. They simulate a physical casino, fill players’ needs for the social experience they get by chatting with dealers and other players which also adds a sense of legitimacy – gamers aren’t simply playing against a machine.

Industry Challenges

The key challenges are how to stream to remote players located anywhere in the world, provide a way to include shared data between the casino and players, and handle financial transactions. And this must happen with no delay, there must be extremely low latency to ensure that all players see the turn of a card, or roll of the dice at the exact same time.

Delivering a Reliable and Consistent High-Quality Experience at Scale

Poor or inconsistent streaming video quality is sure to spoil the online player experience. Adding interactive services increases complexity with integrating and synchronizing different services in the overall video workflow. It is important that the online players have a level playing field as far as stream latency and interactivity responsiveness.

Addressing the Challenges

To deliver reliable, broadcast-quality, realtime video streaming at scale, Limelight has chosen WebRTC technology to develop our Realtime Streaming solution. It enables sub-second latency at scale and with the reach of a global CDN opens doors to online players anywhere in the world.


The below diagram shows the Realtime Streaming workflow from live video source to viewer device delivery:


real time video workflow limelight networks


Realtime Streaming incorporates data sharing capability that can be used to create interactive services, such as the applications used for online casino betting. This technology is emerging in other related applications such as live in-event sports betting. We expect to see WebRTC-based services emerge as the leading option for scaling the delivery of live content that is incorporated into the social, audience experience.


Limelight Realtime Streaming now makes it possible to deliver truly realtime streaming experiences to viewers using standard web browsers. In addition, by integrating realtime interactive data with the live video, you can create interactive social experiences that increase viewer engagement and offer new opportunities for monetizing live streams. Limelight is committed to helping organizations deliver the best online experiences to their viewers and maximize the value of their online content.

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