The Limelight Multi-device Media Delivery (MMD) On-Demand (OD) Enhancement is a powerful cloud-based set of video delivery services for automatically converting video content into different formats, which reduces workflow complexity and storage costs, while meeting the demands of device diversity. MMD OD is integrated with Limelight’s global Orchestrate Platform to deliver broadcast-quality video to all connected devices worldwide.

“We did think about and started working on our own streaming solution. We would have had to figure out all the transcoding in all the different formats, and streaming optimization, setting up our own CDN. All the work of figuring out the streaming optimization and transcoding for multiple formats was taken off our plates simply by working with Limelight. That’s pretty valuable.”


Online video audiences today watch from a variety of devices—smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even smart TVs. But many devices have specific format requirements, which can mean pre-transcoding or transmuxing and storing dozens of extra copies of each video to ensure that the right format is delivered. On top of that, you need the in-house expertise to handle optimizing and fine-tuning the video conversion— all of which can add complexity and cost to your publishing workflow. If you are delivering rights protected video, you need protection to maintain distribution rights granted from content owners. Digital Rights Management (DRM) with MMD OD enables you to offer a broader range of premium and rights protected content. Addressing all of these issues while delivering the quality of experience demanded by viewers is a serious challenge.


MMD OD tackles the challenges of delivering on-demand video to audiences, with the broadcast-quality experience they demand. Automatic conversion offloads complex transmuxing functionality to the cloud, and DRM protects your licensed content. And because MMD OD features are part of the Limelight Orchestrate Platform, your videos are delivered via our massive global private infrastructure, advanced content delivery capabilities, and support services.


Transmux on the Fly

Multi-bitrate MP4 or ISMV (H.264 AAC-LC) transmuxed to HLS, DASH, MSS and HDS on demand.

Flexible Manifest Options

Provide an input manifest (ISM or SMIL), or use the Dynamic Manifest Generation for MP4 transmuxing.

Integrated Security

Apply MediaVault and SSL to the playback URLs.

Multi-DRM On the Fly

Add Widevine, PlayReady and Fairplay DRM encryption on the fly to VOD content as it is converted to HLS and DASH within MMD OD.

Enhanced Delivery Options

Multiple language audio, single bitrate output, delivery from your origin and more.


MMD OD includes powerful business benefits:

Reduce Internal Workloads

No transcoding required to service all device types.

Simplify Video Publishing

Transmxuing on the fly speeds time to market for your media, avoiding creating renditions in different formats prior to publication.

Reduce Storage Costs

Multi-DRM On the Fly encryption as the content is being transmuxed eliminates pre-encrypting and storage of multiple versions of videos.

Reduce CapEx Infrastructure Costs

Transmux on the fly to HLS, HDS, MSS and DASH to save on resources needed for transcoding and storing multiple renditions of media.

Geographic Delivery Simplified

Leverage the cloud-based transmuxing and CDN delivery capabilities of Limelight to eliminate buying compute or delivery resources (servers, bandwidth, etc.) to get your content to your audience’s devices.


MMD OD works with other Limelight Orchestrate Platform Services:

Origin Storage Services

Limelight Origin Storage Service provide a distributed, origin-storage solution purpose-built for digital content such as on-demand video. Integration directly with the CDN edge provides storage of mezzanine files for rapid retrieval and transmuxing, reducing conversion latency.

Content Delivery Services

Limelight Content Delivery Services are the backbone of the CDN. Our powerful CDN software can determine the incoming request device type and deliver the correctly formatted stream through our global edge network.

Cloud Security Services

Block network attacks with globally distributed DDoS AI and WAF protection mechanisms, and leverage the world’s largest SSL footprint to secure content during transmission through the network.


The Limelight Orchestrate Platform is built upon a global, private backbone network with the speed, capacity, and availability to deliver the experiences today’s audiences demand. This industry-leading Platform includes integrated content delivery, web acceleration, origin storage, video management, cloud security, and support services. The unique combination of global private infrastructure, advanced software, and expert services surpasses other CDNs, to enable today’s and tomorrow’s workflows and put audience experience first.