Limelight Multi-device Media Delivery (MMD) Live Enhancement is a powerful cloud-based feature for transcoding live video streams into multiple bitrates and on-the-fly transmuxing into different formats, and allow a live event to be recorded for later playback. MMD Live reduces workflow complexity while meeting the demands of audiences for the highest quality video viewing experience on their choice of devices. This functionality allows users to stream live events to smart TVs, desktops, mobile screens, and set-top-boxes. MMD Live is integrated with the global CDN Platform to deliver broadcast-quality live video to connected devices.


Audiences are watching live video from a variety of devices—smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even smart TVs, and for these viewers, it’s all about the experience. But ensuring you are delivering the right format to the right device, and limiting access to authorized users can be complicated, challenging, and can involve specialized and expensive hardware. With the cost of live event licensing and production increasing, monetization by recording for playback is critical, but complex. What’s more, ensuring that your live streams can be delivered once they are converted necessitates more infrastructure and bandwidth. Addressing all of these issues while delivering the experience demanded by your audience is a serious challenge.


MMD Live takes the headaches and hassles out of delivering live video to a variety of devices. It automatically converts a single RTMP ingest stream into a variety of popular HTTP chunked formats, as well as RTMP. Live to VoD recording capability simplifies the process of making live streamed events available for re-use as VoD assets. By offloading stream transcoding and transmuxing to the cloud, you no longer have to worry about costly on-site compute resources. Protect live streams from unauthorized access and enforce content licensing restrictions with MediaVault. These MMD Live features are part of the Limelight CDN Platform, which integrates a massive global private infrastructure, advanced content delivery capabilities, and support services.


Ingest Directly From Encoders

Send RTMP (H.264 AAC-LC) from your encoders, and MMD Live handles transcoding, transmuxing, delivery, and security.

Transcode to Multiple Bitrates

Convert to multiple video bitrates for ABR and diverse device playback, and one for audio.

Transmux to Multiple Formats

Convert to a variety of formats including HLS, HDS (Adobe), MSS (Microsoft), MPEG-DASH, RTMP.

Low Latency Streaming

Custom latency between ingest and edge can be set from as low as 5 seconds to 60 seconds for HLS and DASH streams.

Live to VoD Recording

Events being streamed live can be automatically recorded to Limelight Origin Storage for later playback as VoD assets.


High-performance server-side authentication service to secure live streams, including RTMP (Flash), from unauthorized views.

High Availability

Redundant ingests and global CDN provide continuous operation of live streams.


Playback URLs support secure connections using Limelight general certificates.

Custom Bitrate Ordering

Transmux and transcode chunked streaming formats can be configured to start at low bitrates or high bitrates.

Integrated Player

SmartEmbed live video player for websites that auto-selects for device, browser, and connection speed.

Control Self Service User Interface

Access Limelight Control to configure, copy, delete slots, view slot details, and report on live streams.

Subtitles Inclusion Option

Control whether the subtitles tag is included in the output stream when creating a slot.


MMD Live includes powerful business benefits:

Reduce Internal Workloads

Leveraging cloud-based transcoding and transmuxing offloads computationally complex tasks and assures delivery of the correct video format to every user device.

Simplify Streaming Video Delivery

Convert streams at the time of request and deliver them directly to the user without the need for additional encoders or other specialized equipment.

Control Access

Deliver globally while you protect content from unauthorized access of your live stream.

Increase Monetization

By integrating the live streaming and video on-demand workflows, Limelight is helping you simplify your workflow and increase monetization of live streaming content.

Simplify Asset Management

Tight integration with the Limelight online video platform provides easy to use media asset management.

Reduce CapEx Infrastructure Costs

By leveraging the cloud-based transcoding, transmuxing, CDN delivery, and security capabilities of Limelight, you don’t need to buy compute or delivery resources (servers, bandwidth, etc.) to get your content to your audience’s devices.


MMD Live works with a variety of other Limelight services:

Origin Storage Services

Limelight Storage Services provide a distributed, origin-storage solution purpose-built for digital content such as on-demand video. Integrated directly with the CDN edge, you can store VOD versions of your live streams for rapid retrieval and automated transmuxing, reducing conversion latency.

Content Delivery Services

Limelight Content Delivery Services are the backbone of the CDN. Our powerful CDN software can determine the incoming request device type and deliver the correctly formatted stream through our global edge network.

Cloud Security Services

Deliver globally while you protect content from unauthorized access of your live stream.

Customize To Your Audience

Block network attacks with globally distributed DDoS AI and WAF protection mechanisms, and leverage the world’s largest SSL footprint to secure content during transmission through the network.


The Limelight CDNCDN Platform is built upon a global, private backbone network with the speed, capacity, and availability to deliver the experiences today’s audiences demand. This industry-leading Platform includes integrated content delivery, web acceleration, origin storage, video management, cloud security, and support services. The unique combination of global private infrastructure, advanced software, and expert services surpasses other CDNs, to enable today’s and tomorrow’s workflows and put audience experience first.