Limelight Live Event Services


Limelight Live Event Services is a consulting and monitoring package designed to provide customers with dedicated resources for the planning, testing, and distribution of a scheduled online event, such as live streaming events, on-demand releases, and software updates.


Limelight Live Event Services include a number of powerful features including:

Live Event Monitoring:

Initial Event Kickoff

The first step in the planning process is a call with the client, account team, and operations to cover all aspects of the upcoming event. Included are the number of streams or files to be delivered and the steps that follow leading up to the live event.

Pre-event Testing

Definition of specific tests to be run in advance of the event and success criteria for each test.

Real-time Reporting1

Flash-based events include reporting at defined intervals during the live production of 15 mins, 30 mins or 1 hour.

Ingest Monitoring

During the production event, CDN content ingest is monitored to insure the expected number and length of content streams or files is input.

Event Management

Resource coordination is handled by an assigned Project Manager.

Dedicated Resources

Advanced Services Engineering personal are assigned to cover events.


At the conclusion of an event, a wrap up session is held with the client.

Challenges with Coordinating a Live Event

Organizing a live event can be a cumbersome and stressful challenge with many variables to consider. Although steps may be taken to optimize the delivery of online content, the potential for unforeseen issues still exists. In these cases, customers require immediate attention and fast resolution.

How Limelight Live Event Services Solve the Challenges

The Limelight Advanced Services team helps mitigate these risks to provide an uninterrupted user experience. By assigning dedicated technical resources to assist with the planning, configuration and monitoring of each event, customers are assured that potential issues are identified and addressed prior to event day, and any unforeseen issues are immediately escalated to expedite troubleshooting

Business Benefits

Limelight Event Services includes powerful business benefits:

Success Optimization

Through detailed pre-event planning, we help ensure the highest level of event success.

Risk Mitigation

Through pre-configuration of network assets and solution testing (prior to the live event), we help reduce overall event risk to provide the best possible end-user experience.


Timely and available troubleshooting through live event monitoring and open bridge communication extended to client technical personnel ensures that issues are resolved quickly for uninterrupted service.


1Only for Flash-based events