The Limelight Networks’ Smart Point-of-Presence (PoP) is a managed Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution with a flexible architecture that can be embedded within a network operator’s infrastructure to improve content delivery performance while greatly reducing costs.


Limelight Smart PoPs are a fully-managed extension of Limelight’s global CDN that provide dedicated on-premise capacity to help network operators improve performance and reduce costs to deliver content to on-net users. The Limelight Control management portal and APIs provide network operators with full control over the capacity, placement, rules, and behavior of the Smart PoP and offer real-time reporting and analytics that help you optimize delivery performance and cost savings.


  • ■ Reduction in network build-out and operational costs by leveraging Limelight’s global network and CDN caching technologies
  • ■ Opportunities for additional revenue streams by offering local content providers high-performance content caching for regional delivery
  • ■ Improvement in overall quality of experience (QoE) for end-users including higher average bit-rates, faster startup times, and lower rebuffer rates
  • ■ Managed, dedicated, world-class CDN technology and services inside the operator network, without the need for the operator to build, own and operate
  • ■ Unrestricted 24/7/365 live support from Limelight’s Global Network Operations Center


The Smart PoP is interconnected to Limelight’s CDN backbone via EBGP using a private ASN. A Smart PoP will only receive regional routes from the provider and announced ANYCAST address space that is advertised for the specific region. Multiple Smart PoP deployments can be deployed or embedded into a single ASN network.


The Smart PoP reduces the flow of content into the provider network across the transit link by caching and delivering content that originates from Limelight PoPs outside of that network.


See Figure 1 and Figure 2 for the ‘before and after’ scenarios.



Figure 1: Standard CDN Peering Model (before Smart PoP)


Note: (a) Bandwidth & associated charges for traffic over the IP connection can often be high, depending on content consumption patterns of on-net community.



Figure 2: Limelight Smart PoP Deployed in Provider Network


Note: (b) Bandwidth & associated charges are greatly reduced due to the offload provided by the local Smart PoP cache. Quality of experience is improved as content is cached closer to users.



The Limelight Smart PoP provides a fully-managed CDN solution that improves content delivery performance while reducing IP transport costs. The flexible and easy to deploy architecture addresses many different challenges in serving content to both on-net and off-net users. Limelight’s global CDN and caching technologies provide the capacity and reach you need while reducing network build-out and operational costs. The entire solution is backed by Limelight’s unrestricted 24/7/365 free live support and Network Operations Center to ensure your continued success.


To learn more about how the Limelight Smart PoP can improve your operations, please visit https://www.limelight.com, email info@llnw.com, or call 1-602-850-5000.