Layer0 Security Platform - Seatbelts Included

Integrated security protects your infrastructure and data

Data Sheet

Layer0’s platform is built to ensure your website and applications remain open for business by keeping you protected against a wide range of security risks without sacrificing performance.

A fully PCI-compliant solution, Layer0 Security protects your business against OWASP Top 10 security risks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, PHP injection, bot attacks, DDoS attacks, and other security threats.




Web application firewall with managed rulesets that filter and protect against common and emerging exploits

Bot Management

Control over bot-generated traffic

DDoS Protection

Always-on network monitoring protects against malicious traffic in real-time

Web Application Firewall

Comprehensive security at scale

Layer0’s WAF is a web application firewall that protects your APIs and web applications against security exploits by monitoring, filtering, and blocking malicious traffic traveling to and from your applications.

By inspecting your web traffic, Layer0’s WAF prevents attackers from exploiting your web application’s known vulnerabilities from outside threats.


Continuously updated security policies based on global attack patterns

OWASP Top 10 protection

SQL Database protection

Obfuscated IP blocking


Deploy in minutes to keep yourself protected against thousands of known attack profiles

Reduces infrastructure costs by blocking unwanted traffic

Save time using Layer0 managed rule sets

Global insight, granular protection

Layer0’s Bot Management Solution

Layer0’s web application firewall includes the option to deploy a robust set of managed bot rules to help keep your sites and APIs secured.

Layer0 Security bot protection gives you control over common and pervasive bot traffic that can consume excess resources, skew metrics, cause downtime, or perform other undesired activities. You can use the Bot Control managed rule group to block pervasive bots, such as form spammers, scrapers, and web crawlers while still allowing common bots, such as status monitors and search engines.

We focus on detecting and blocking bad bots while still allowing good bots to interact with your websites and APIs.

bad robot

Good Bots

  • Search engine crawling
  • Website health monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanning

Bad Bots

  • Script bots
  • Site scraping bots
  • Form spam bots
  • Carding bots

DDoS Protection

Protection without sacrificing performance

Cloud-based DDoS detection and mitigation without impacting delivery performance.

Layer0’s high-bandwidth, globally distributed network is built to absorb DDoS attacks. Our entire network acts as a DDoS scrubbing center, so you don’t sacrifice performance for protection. We allow you to respond in real-time, filtering malicious requests at the network edge before they get near your origin.

Get protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which can overwhelm your infrastructure and bring down your site.


  • Proactive Layer 3 and 4 attack monitoring
  • High-speed on-network scrubbing
  • Application protection
  • Protection model that scales to defend against global DDoS attacks
  •      - UDP reflection attacks
         - SYN floods
         - DNS query floods


  • Early attack detection
  • Flexible offerings to meet unique business needs
  • Origin Resource protection

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