Delivering Exceptional Live and On Demand Sports Video Experiences


Did you Know?

75 percent of online video viewers will stop watching within 4 minutes if the experience is poor.1




As sports viewing habits expand to include smartphones, tablets, and other Internet-connected devices, sports content producers have tremendous opportunities to increase audience engagement and improve monetization. This shift presents challenges, however, as fans demand “broadcast quality” experiences every time they watch a live event or replay.


Limelight Networks, a leader in live and on demand sports video delivery can help. We have extensive experience working with top brands around the world to deliver the highest quality viewing experiences on every device, everywhere.


  Technology Impact Business Impact Limelight Solution
Performance Buffering, stuttering and other delays frustrate users that expect broadcast quality. A poor viewing experience results in high abandonment rates, reduces monetization opportunities and negatively impacts your brand. Our global private network ensures the highest quality broadcasts, increasing engagement and driving repeat visits.
Diversity of Devices and Video Formats Manually publishing to a wide range of devices that support multiple protocols and formats often requires specialized technology and skills. Manual workflows are complex, labor intensive and error prone, which increases costs and reduces viewer satisfaction.
A streamlined end-to-end workflow includes single format ingest and automatic conversion to ensure optimal performance on all devices.
Security Managing the threats associated with delivering digital content requires multiple lines of defense and constant vigilance. The cost of theft or DDoS attacks that impact site performance can be staggering for both revenue and brand reputation.  Comprehensive security including proactive DDoS detection and mitigation, a global SSL footprint, and DRM protect your business.
Storage, Backup and Archive Multi-format video files must be stored, backed up and managed. Ultra HD and 4K formats mean even larger files to manage.
Increasing CapEx and OpEx costs to store growing libraries and files directly impact the bottom line.
Globally distributed origin storage that integrates with Limelight’s private CDN optimizes video delivery and management
Managing Costs
Tighter budgets require greater scrutiny on production costs and a constant search for new distribution efficiencies.
Costly onsite infrastructure build-outs drive up CapEx and management costs. Integrated cloud-based solutions shift costs from CapEx to OpEx and streamline content distribution globally.
Detailed video analytics are required to accurately report on ad delivery and video engagement.
Revenue will be negatively impacted if ads are displayed incorrectly or video analytics fail to demonstrate engagement.
A customizable player and actionable reports show who is watching, on what device, and for how long, providing the data you need to determine ad rates.

Your Sports Video Delivery Solution

Limelight Orchestrate™ for Media and Broadcasters is a powerful, integrated cloud-based workflow that enables you to get your content to online audiences faster and easier at broadcast quality. Built on top of an industry leading CDN, this solution helps you tackle the challenges of delivering broadcast quality sporting events to any device, any time, anywhere


What does Limelight Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters do for streaming video?

  • Local ingest points in every region make it easy to instantly upload live feeds and VOD content globally
  • Integrated cloud storage and a private network ensure your content is available as soon as you need it

  • On-the-fly transcoding to all popular formats including HLS, HDS, MSS, and MPEG DASH 
  • Integrated digital rights management (DRM)
  • Ad insertion into VOD and live feeds
  • Integration with the global Limelight private CDN
  • Device detection at the edge automatically converts content to the right format
  • Cloud storage integrated with the edge of the network for fast delivery from origin
  • Comprehensive security services including DDoS, SSL, geo-fencing, and URL tokenization
Playback & Analytics
  • Off-the-shelf customizable player enables quick time to market with a branded solution 
  • Authentication for access control and protection of your content
  • Detailed reporting so you understand how content is consumed, including advertising data for monetization

Outstanding, Personalized Service

It’s not just our software that separates us from other CDN providers; it’s also our commitment to your success. Through a 24/7/365 network operations center, self-provisioning services, account management portal, and a global support system, your uptime is always a priority.

Find Out How Limelight Can Help You Today!

At Limelight, we understand what it takes to succeed in delivering live and on demand sports content online. In addition to delivering some of the most popular sporting events in the United States, we delivered flawless experiences on a global scale for events such as: FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, Indian Cricket League European Championship, and the RBS Six Nations’ Rugby Championships. With years of experience delivering some of the biggest events on the Internet, we can help you overcome the challenges to providing the best possible Quality of Experience for your digital audience.