Limelight EdgeXtend

Boost your bottom line while improving user experience!

Now service providers can slash backhaul costs and expand revenue opportunities while improving content delivery performance. With Limelight EdgeXtend, you can dramatically reduce the need to retrieve video and other content from remote origin. Instead you’ll serve that high-value content from high-performance cache embedded within your own network, saving money while delivering a better user experience.

Challenges Accessing and Delivering Rich Content

Growing demand for streaming video, rich media, gaming and other content puts pressure on your bottom line and on your network. Retrieving content from off-net incurs backhaul costs that can grow out of control, especially in regions where bandwidth is expensive. In addition, it can degrade user experience due to risk of performance and reliability problems retrieving content. You may also be missing out on revenue opportunities.

How EdgeXtend Reduces Cost and Improves Quality

Limelight EdgeXtend lets you accelerate the content your subscribers value most, improving user experience at scale while reducing the backhaul cost of retrieving that content. The plug-and-play solution tightly integrates your network with one of the world’s largest global edge cloud networks. You can even capture revenue from traffic being delivered through your network. Limelight EdgeXtend integrates world-class delivery into your local network — like a private local warehouse for a global package delivery service.

How It Works

Limelight EdgeXtend lets you directly serve content from your infrastructure. The servers are secure, high-performance CDN caching and distribution systems used around the world to drive Limelight global network delivery. By embedding this power within your network with dedicated connections to your routing systems, you turbocharge your delivery. Instead of repeated costly network calls to a distant origin, you can serve cached content directly from local on-net systems. For lowest latency and maximum reliability, EdgeXtend servers use high-speed solid-state devices for caching content.


EdgeXtend Hardware Servers

EdgeXtend servers are dedicated to Limelight CDN functionality, featuring solid-state cache devices and a scalable architecture.

Range of Available Hardware Configurations

Limelight offers a range of EdgeXtend server configurations starting at 50GB cache capacity.

Managed CDN Service

Limelight manages the core CDN services and network operations as an extension of Limelight’s global CDN.

Self-Service Tools

Visibility into traffic and billing planned for Q1 2021

Global Connectivity

EdgeXtend Servers are operated as part of Limelight’s global network using routing optimization for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic.


Backhaul Cost Savings

Reduce operational costs associated with retrieving content from origin by caching content within your network.

Revenue Opportunities

Offer local content providers high-performance in-region content delivery, and capture revenue from traffic that content providers are delivering through your network.

Capacity and Reach

Expand delivery capacity and reach with a turnkey hardware-software solution while minimizing network build-out and operational costs.

Improved Quality of Experience

Improve overall QoE for your users with higher average bitrates, faster startup times and lower rebuffer rates.

Low Overhead

Focus on building your business while Limelight manages and operates your CDN infrastructure.


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