Limelight’s edge cloud eliminates the cost, complexity, and latency of utilizing traditional cloud computing environments to deploy global applications, create digital content, and process real time IoT and sensor data. Unlike traditional cloud service providers who only offer compute in a limited number of centralized locations, Limelight edge computing instances are embedded across our secure global private network of about 120 distributed Points-of-Presence and provide direct peering with more than 1,000 ISPs and cloud service providers to deliver the fastest performance. Limelight’s flexible compute options include both virtualized and bare metal compute as well as the ability to deploy custom hardware configurations in Limelight’s global data centers. Limelight offers edge compute capabilities, how and where you need them.


Limelight offers global virtualized compute capacity that makes it easy to scale and grow as your needs change. Intel processors and SSD storage deliver high-performance for any compute task. Multiple virtual Linux server distributions are available with varying levels of CPU, RAM, storage, and network bandwidth to meet your specific requirements. An easy to use control panel lets you manage and monitor your deployments as well as load-balance or backup your configuration. APIs and a command-line interface are also available.


Dedicated bare metal servers are available to give you compute power where you need it without having to share resources or deal
with hypervisors. Limelight offers an array of hardware configurations featuring Intel and AMD processors with multiple levels of
physical cores, RAM, storage, and network bandwidth. Dedicated servers can be deployed across Limelight’s global network to
support your workload in any region or location.


For applications that require specialized compute configurations, Limelight offers the ability to deploy your own custom hardware
configuration in our global data centers. With PoPs located in major metropolitan areas across the globe, Limelight makes it easy to
position your hardware close to users and sources of data, wherever they are located.


Limelight helps you quickly and easily deploy your applications, create digital content, and process information close to your users and sources of data anywhere in the world—all without the time and hassle of signing multiple agreements for rack space, connectivity, IP transit and peering and deploying and maintaining equipment in multiple locations. Limelight edge compute has direct access to all the services of our edge cloud, including our secure QoS-enabled global private IP backbone with peering relationships with over 1,000 ISPs and major cloud service providers. Limelight also provides free unrestricted 24/7/365 live customer support to help you with everything including deployment, configuration, and complex integration challenges.


To learn more about how Limelight’s Edge Compute services help lower costs and provide unmatched flexibility for edge compute deployments, please visit https://www.limelight.com/products/iot-and-edge-cloud/, email info@llnw.com, or call +1-602-850-5000.