The edge is the new cloud. Analysts project that more and more computing will move to the network edge to reduce latency, bandwidth costs and centralized server load. For the software industry, this can meaningfully improve user experiences and open the door to enable exciting new real-time interactive, IoT, and enterprise applications.


Implementing digital transformation strategies and offering richer new software experiences — while meeting rising user expectations for fast start times, consistent high throughput and low-latency application performance — is no simple task. Your software development may be evolving to incorporate SaaS, AI, IoT, serverless compute and microservices-based architectures. Finally, you need to monetize, manage and monitor that growing complexity. Meeting these goals has multiple challenges:monetize, manage and monitor that growing complexity. Meeting these goals has many challenges:

Delivering a Reliable and Consistent High-Quality Experience at Scale

Slow response time and poor application performance are sure to spoil the user experience. A high-performance, reliable experience for every user is a must.


Customer demand is growing beyond the capabilities of the public cloud’s centralized locations. Latency increases with distance and additional network hops between users and computing resources. Dynamic content processing per user can’t tolerate excessive latency. Important tasks such as data gathering, analysis and decisioning can add further latency as well, further compounding the issue.


Centralized public cloud services can add cost as well as latency, and fees associated with network transit and egress can add financial burdens on top of technical issues. Companies are starting to notice that bandwidth costs are becoming a larger and more significant percentage of their cloud provider monthly invoice. More and more businesses are finding on-premise data centers too expensive in both capex and required resources to maintain and deploy.


Limelight’s high-performance edge compute services can help you address the obstacles standing in your path to the best possible performance.

Deliver a Quality Experience at Scale

Limelight offers the ability to install and run software at the network edge for fast start times, high throughput and bandwidth, and consistent low latency performance. You can select edge compute locations around the world to best meet your needs for regional access and scale. Limelight’s edge compute is both highly distributed and highly connected, with compute resources located in points-of-presence around the world and direct peering to over 1,000 ISP’s and last-mile networks. A range of edge compute options now make it possible to streamline components in your service architecture that are adding delay, cost and inefficiency.


In addition, by leveraging Limelight’s CDN services you can enhance your delivery by integrating edge compute into a CDN workflow. Leveraging locally cached content while performing compute at multiple edge locations lets you deliver a quality experience at dramatically better scale than using a single centralized location. You can also simplify procurement, workflow and operations by using a single provider.

Low Latency Compute at the Network Edge

Limelight edge compute is ideal for latency-sensitive workflows, offering compute resources close to the end user. Limelight edge compute implementations can significantly reduce average latency compared to centralized compute approaches. In use cases that involve a Content Delivery Network (CDN), managing workloads at the edge can improve latency as well as performance and reliability.

Cost Management

Edge compute implementations can also reduce cost associated with centralized cloud services, storage and network transport in addition to improving latency and scale. In CDN use cases, Limelight zero-rates traffic from edge compute servers to our CDN and simplifies procurement by using a single provider.


Limelight’s comprehensive family of edge compute solutions lets you choose the best option for your unique environment:

Bare Metal

Limelight Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) gives you compute power where you need it without having to share resources. Bare metal is ideal when full control of compute resources and maximum performance are required.

Virtual Machine

Limelight Virtual Machine (VM) as a Service offers easy-to-deploy global virtualized compute capacity that makes it easy to scale and grow as your compute needs change.

Serverless Compute

Tightly integrated with the CDN, Limelight EdgeFunctions automatically makes your code available to many edge locations around the world, executes at the network edge close to your users to ensure the lowest latency, and scales to meet demand.


All of Limelight’s edge compute services leverage direct peering access to more than 1,000 ISPs and cloud providers, eliminating much of the latency and uncertainty of relying on traditional routing across the public Internet. Plus, you’ll get the benefits of nearly two decades of experience building out and operating one of the world’s largest global distributed networks, including network operations, monitoring and 24/7/365 live global support.


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Edge Compute Reduces Latency in a Software Workflow


Limelight Networks’ edge compute services let you spend your time, effort, and money scaling your businesses instead of scaling the underlying infrastructure. Leverage our experience in delivering latency-sensitive digital media to edge compute applications that demand the highest performance, regardless of location or device type.