Your business is increasingly reliant on digital content and a 24/7/365 online presence. Any disruption can have serious consequences to your reputation, operations, and bottom line. Yet the pace, scale, and sophistication of attacks targeting online resources is constantly increasing—and requires multiple lines of defense. Limelight DDoS Attack Interceptor is a comprehensive, multi-layer solution integrated with the Orchestrate Platform that offers protection from even the largest and most complex Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks before they can wreak havoc on your business.


Protecting websites from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is one of the most pressing security challenges facing organizations today. Not only are the frequency and sophistication of attacks increasing, but so is the duration and size, yet many organizations don’t have essential security protections in place to defend themselves. Detecting and mitigating attacks without impacting website performance is critical to maintaining the online experience expected by users.


Combining a world-class global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with in-network detection and attack mitigation, DDoS Attack Interceptor is the only solution in the market that provides situation-aware detection and mitigation via On Network scrubbing centers, which means faster scrubbing performance by not having to move traffic off CDN for scrubbing, and move the clean traffic back to the CDN. This scalable cloud-based architecture uses the Limelight Orchestrate Platform’s massive global private infrastructure for uncompromising performance. An advanced detection system constantly monitors for malicious traffic; once an attack is detected, that traffic is passed to one of several globally distributed scrubbing centers to be fi ltered before being passed back to your origin. When your business needs to stay online, there is no better assurance policy than DDoS Attack Interceptor.


DDoS Attack Interceptor provides a powerful solution to the threat of DDoS attacks through a variety of compelling capabilities.

Passive Mitigation

Limelight’s distributed network of data centers provides enormous capacity to absorb attacks that are not complex enough to be moved to scrubbing.

Detection of Network Layer Attacks

Using behavior-based analysis, DDoS Attack Interceptor intelligently detects attacks even when a signature does not exist, offering protection from a broad spectrum of attack types in addition to network based attacks (Layer 3, 4).

In-network Detection

DDoS Attack Interceptor actively monitors for DDoS attacks so you don’t have to. Proactive detection shortens response times and allows mitigation to begin quickly.

Automatic Mitigation

Attack traffic is mitigated by the Security Operations team by diverting it to globally distributed scrubbing centers, giving you the protection you need, when you need it, without having to install costly security appliances locally.

Bill Shock Avoidance

Mitigation of attack traffic means you only pay for fi ltered traffic, avoiding costly overcharges due to a DDoS attack.

Access to the DDoS AI Portal

View available realtime data regarding attack detections and mitigations, while historical attack data and threat intelligence reports allow you to identify trends and plan for the future.

Flexible Deployment

DDoS protection services are easy to activate and manage – which means no new hardware or software and no changes to your web applications.

24X7 Monitoring

Covered shortname/anycast address for potential DDoS attacks.



On Network scrubbing for high performance mitigation, even while under attack.

Built in detection at the CDN edge presents a large defensive surface.

Multiple detection locations means faster time to mitigation.

High scrubbing capacity via multiple scrubbing centers.

Choice in selection of mitigation options to meeting security requirements.


The Limelight Orchestrate Platform is built upon a global, private backbone network with the speed, capacity, and availability to deliver the experiences today’s audiences demand. This industry-leading Platform includes integrated content delivery, web acceleration, origin storage, video management, cloud security, and support services. The unique combination of global private infrastructure, advanced software, and expert services surpasses other CDNs, to enable today’s and tomorrow’s workflows and put audience experience first.