Limelight Custom Queries provide targeted access to the trove of raw log data within the Limelight Platform. Custom Queries are part of Limelight Edge Analytics, a range of services that help you access data about your services, usage and content. Custom Queries let you extract the specific data aggregations you need, in addition to the data already gathered and presented in Limelight’s standard reports & reporting API, and expand your ability to bring insight to your business operations. Analytics is a growing priority in many organizations for a range of applications; now Limelight Edge Analytics brings these capabilities to your content delivery.


In business, knowledge is power, and content delivery is no exception. The right knowledge can inform decisions that build revenue and audience engagement, reduce cost, maximize efficiency, and ensure quality. But you can’t gain knowledge if the information isn’t presented in a usable form, if the data isn’t properly analyzed, or if the raw data isn’t readily available for analysis.


Limelight’s growing Limelight Edge Analytics portfolio helps you understand your content delivery and optimize Quality of Experience for your users. For specialized data needs, Limelight Custom Queries provide targeted access to specific log data and enables real-time aggregation to inform business processes and enable decision making. Custom queries can be created to extract the specific metrics in the time scale (real time, near real time and historical) needed for analysis. Examples of data extraction for use cases include traffic per ASN to optimize load balancing, traffic by region for reporting, content quality control from specific HTTP headers, URL and request data for user metric analysis, multiple data sets for custom graphing and charting, and periodically fetching data for archival purposes.


Limelight Edge Analytics help you understand your content, application, traffic, and user behavior. The portfolio includes consolidated “single pane of glass” reporting, analysis and data collection options. The underlying EdgeQueryTM analytics platform enables real time data calculation, commutation, and aggregation of data about your content storage, traffic, content, application and user behavior. For presentation, the Limelight Control portal provides a wealth of reports and dashboards, in addition to configuration tools. For integration with existing tools, a reporting API for the data available in the Control Portal is also available.


  • Controlled access

    Provide access to log data collected by Limelight, with custom aggregation.

  • Flexibility

    Options for time bins, retention and frequency of access.

  • API Access

    Application Programming Interface offers programmatic access to custom data.

  • Analysis-ready results

    Log data can be processed to provide detailed analysis of HTTP request & response flow.


  • Operational Efficiency

    Deeper customized understanding of operational details lets you optimize delivery.

  • Quality of Experience

    Improve QoE for your customers with actionable insights regarding content usage, user interaction and delivery systems.

  • Improved Forecasting

    Provide guidance for ROI and usage analysis by using insights into past performance as a strong indicator of future performance.