Limelight Control Portal

Comprehensive Configuration and Management Control with Extensive Reporting to Optimize Your Content Delivery Process


Put high-performance content delivery at your fingertips with the Limelight Control Portal. Configure delivery services and live events, manage content, administer and secure your environment, analyze usage and access online support – all from one secure 24x7 web-based portal.

Challenges Managing the Content Experience

Delivering great user experience is crucial, whether it’s video or other media, file downloads, web acceleration, gaming or e-commerce. You need to maximize results while minimizing the time and resources required. But great content delivery is complex. You need to upload, link, manage and update a large number of content assets, set up and manage the details of delivering these assets, all while ensuring content security. In addition, there can be significant overhead involved in tracking performance, keeping team members informed, troubleshooting, and reconciling billing. Manually performing these tasks is costly and time consuming.

Limelight Control Portal Helps You Solve These Challenges

Great user experience shouldn’t just be reserved for your customers—you and your team want to manage content, users, and security more efficiently and more accurately. Limelight Control is a self-service portal that makes it easy to configure and manage the Limelight Orchestrate Platform. You can purge erroneous or outdated assets, create and manage a range of delivery configurations, track performance, and troubleshoot issues. Manage billing and cost control, maintain security, and view reports to make sense of a mountain of data. In the end, it’s your customers who benefit, but as you work, the Control portal saves you time on tasks and flattens the learning curves on new features with contextual help and videos. In addition, for companies that prefer to manage the Orchestrate Platform within existing tools and workflows, a range of APIs are available.


The Control portal is divided into sections, based on the tasks you are undertaking.


Get a realtime snapshot of your company and accounts every time you log in. The dashboard includes system updates, recent configuration changes, latest purge events, and user edits. You can also see an overview of your most active segments, if you use them.


Create, edit, copy, and delete configurations for Caching & Delivery, Chunked Streaming, Website & App Acceleration, Live Streaming, Traffic Director (DNS Services), and MediaVault-protected secure URLs.


Manage Service Users, SmartPurge requests and templates, Recurring Emails, Diagnostic Tools, the TraceAssist Tool, Live Events Calendar, and more.


Analyze your data using visualizations that focus on analytics rather than plain reporting. New consolidated design for the storage report provide more information with fewer clicks. The modernized interfaces display your data front and center, and cover a range of topics including overviews, summaries, status, live stats, traffic, geography, efficiency, exceptions, storage, billing, and more.

Business Benefits

Improve Staff and Resource Utilization

Minimize the time and effort required to manage your content delivery infrastructure, freeing up staff for higher-value tasks.

Gain Instant Insight Into Your Operations

The extensive set of reports available in Limelight Control make it easy to track the status of your operations and progress toward achieving your business goals.

Respond to Changing Business Requirements

Easily and quickly modify and update your configurations at any time to respond to changing business requirements throughout the day.

About the Limelight Orchestrate Platform

The Limelight Orchestrate Platform is built upon a global, private backbone network with the speed, capacity, and availability to deliver the experiences today's audiences demand. This industry-leading Platform includes integrated content delivery, web acceleration, origin storage, video management, cloud security, and support services.  The unique combination of global private infrastructure, advanced software, and expert services surpasses other CDNs, to enable today's and tomorrow's workflows and put audience experience first.