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Limelight Content Delivery Services


The Limelight Content Delivery Services enable delivery of any kind of digital content—video, images, files, music, games, websites—to virtually any device, anywhere in the world. Content Delivery Services use the Orchestrate Platform, adding software and features for easy service management and optimizing the experience of your digital customers.


Website Caching

Caching all website content, including small and large objects.

Last Mile Acceleration

Accelerating content delivery between the client and the CDN edge through a variety of techniques including TCP optimizations, compression, and persistent connections.

Backup Origin Support

Configuration to automatically redirect to a secondary origin upon failure of the primary.

GZIP Pass-through

Configuration options to request and cache compressed objects when requesting them from content origins.

GZIP at the Edge

Object compression at the CDN edge enabling clients supporting compression to receive a compressed object.


HTTP Verbs (methods) supported by the CDN edge.

HTTP VOD Streaming

Configuration options for delivering HTTP VOD services, where the customer’s infrastructure is acting as the content origin.

Protocols: IPv4, IPv6

Supported Internet protocols.

Global Standard Footprint

Massively provisioned delivery centers, interconnected via a private fiber-optic network and communicating directly with more than 800 user access networks around the world.

Dedicated VIPs

A set of dedicated IP addresses for delivery of “zero rated” traffic into carriers.


Real-time purge with instant global content inaccessibility, and purge verification.

Rate Limiting

Content with high abandon rates, such as video and social media, can be rate limited, capping the data transfer rate allocated to each delivery. If a viewer stops watching a video early, you’ve only delivered the portion viewed, keeping the network clear of congestion, and you pay only for what the user viewed.

HTTP Header Manipulation

Customizing HTTP Request and Response headers to control content caching and improve analytics.

Security and Protection

Integrated security services such as global SSL footprint and URL tokenization protect content—part of Limelight Cloud Security Services.

“Thank goodness we had Limelight behind us! We were able to handle this tremendous spike in traffic without worry.”

Challenges Delivering Digital Content

Delivering the wide range of today’s digital content to meet the expectations of global audiences carries with it multiple challenges. The common denominator is the need for speed—web pages must load quickly, videos must start immediately, and files must download fast. But delivering with speed is complicated by the growing diversity of devices and formats to support, which can make for a more complex workflow. There is also the issue of scaling in two dimensions: reaching a globally-dispersed audience, and handling large and unpredictable traffic spikes. Finally, organizations must take measures to secure content from unauthorized access and theft, to enforce licensing restrictions, and to protect against attacks against corporate websites.

Business Benefits

Choose the best approach with Limelight Content Delivery Services:

Save Capital Expenditure

By offloading complex workflows to cloud-based Content Delivery Services, IT infrastructure expansion is reduced and time to deployment is accelerated.

Reduce Abandonment Rates

Positioning content near 99% of the world’s Internet population with dense edge caching gets content to users faster.

Consistent High Quality of Experience for Audiences

Access to 24/7/365 global support, along with our extensive Advanced Services team, ensures rapid issue resolution and no service interruptions.

About the Orchestrate Platform

The Limelight Orchestrate Platform consists of thousands of servers running cloud-based software integrated with one of the world’s largest private networks to provide world-class content delivery and cloud security solutions.