Audiences have more choices than ever for enjoying the excitement of online video. No longer limited to viewing on their PCs, they’re watching live and on-demand video content on smart TVs, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and mobile devices as they’re out and about. Regardless of how and where they watch, they expect broadcast quality and fast performance.


As the premier video distribution provider, Limelight provides a complete line of live and on demand video delivery services and an online video platform with video management capabilities for delivering your video content to audiences anywhere in the world at high quality and with the lowest rebuffer rates in the industry, including:


These video services are integrated with Limelight’s high performance global private network, enabling your content to bypass the congested internet so you can deliver an exceptional experience for your viewers. Optimized for the highest performance, our network infrastructure includes a global private backbone of distributed PoPs and peering relationships with nearly 1,000 major ISPs and last-mile networks.

The Highest Quality Online Video Content Delivery

Limelight owns and operates one of the largest private networks in the world. Our Content Delivery Network is optimized to provide the guaranteed highest quality delivery of your live or on demand video content to viewers everywhere.


While most CDNs rely on the public internet to deliver content, Limelight employs its own private fiber backbone. Limelight’s continuous investment in optimizing every component of its content delivery infrastructure provides industry-leading playback performance, even over congested or changing network conditions. By continually monitoring each viewer’s connection and optimizing video delivery based on realtime analysis, Limelight streams videos with higher quality while reducing rebuffers.

"The complexity of managing an OTT service is pretty high. Limelight’s CDN infrastructure simplifies our workflows and allows us to focus on providing more content for our customers and drive more revenue for our business."


Secure, Superior-Performing Solutions to All Your VOD Delivery Needs

Whether you are an OTT service provider or an online educational platform offering online courses, your audience expects a broadcast quality experience—with no rebuffering—regardless of the device they use for viewing.


Limelight’s VOD solutions provide high quality, performance and security for demanding workflows. From automatic packaging of VOD content for delivery to any device, digital rights management, to delivering video content with the highest performance, Limelight has a solution for you.


Limelight Multi-device Media Delivery On-Demand (MMD OD) provides on-the-fly packaging and delivery of on-demand video content as it is requested by viewers. Mezzanine MP4 files are automatically transmuxed on-the-fly to popular streaming formats such as HLS, DASH, HDS, and MSS, saving you storage costs by avoiding the creation of multiple different formats prior to publication. MMD-OD simplifies the process of delivering broadcast-quality video to any device, anywhere in the world.



Integrated VOD packaging and delivery workflow reduces complexity


Integrated on-the fly Multi-Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities are also available to easily restrict unauthorized access and distribution of your on-demand digital content. Limelight Multi-DRM allows you to add Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apply FairPlay DRM to your content on the fly as it is converted into HLS and DASH for delivery. This helps you reduce storage costs and avoid the complexity of pre-encrypting and storing content in multiple formats, bitrates, and different DRM encryption formats.

"We are known as an innovative trailblazer at the forefront of delivering programs to our viewers who prefer to watch on any device at any time. Limelight is a key part of making this happen flawlessly and has always proactively evaluated our configuration and suggested ways for performance improvement."


Peak Performing, Highest Quality Live Video Streaming to Any Device

Whether you’re streaming a live concert or sports event or implementing new two-way interactive applications such as sports betting, online gambling, or live auctions, Limelight offers live video solutions optimized for your streaming demands.


Limelight Multi-device Media Delivery Live (MMD Live) simplifies delivery of live video with on-the-fly cloud-based transcoding of live video streams into multiple bitrates and transmuxing into different formats, easing the process of delivering the right video formats to the widest range of customer devices.



MMD Live workflow, on-the fly packing of live video for delivery to any device


The Limelight Configuration API lets customers programmatically manage content delivery services and service instances. The functionality is compatible with Limelight Control, allowing customers to create configurations in one tool and manage them in another. Authorized users can create, update, retrieve and delete content delivery services. To accelerate the learning curve, Limelight’s API Explorer lets developers run tests against live endpoints, see requests and responses, modify them to achieve desired results and copy functionally equivalent code snippets.

"Until recently, we were almost solely operated in Europe. Now we have expanded to Latin America and have plans to grow into Africa. We needed a CDN that offers fast performance and higher scalability to meet our increasing traffic demands. Shortly after implementing the Limelight CDN, we realized that streams were 1-to-2 times faster than with the former service provider."



Limelight Video Acceleration provides optimized live delivery of one-second HLS and DASH video segments through Limelight’s Content Delivery Network. By utilizing web acceleration techniques to optimize the delivery of one-second video segments from a live origin, Limelight is able to deliver live video to viewers with delays as low as 4-5 seconds, closely matching the latency of broadcast delivery. Closing the latency gap between online and broadcast delivery mitigates the social media spoiler situation when texts from broadcast viewers about the live action reaches online viewers a minute before they see the action.


Limelight Realtime Streaming delivers live broadcast-quality video from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world, with less than one second of latency. The solution utilizes the open and scalable industry-standard WebRTC technology and UDP data transfer protocol, eliminating the need for segmenting and buffering like traditional HTTP streaming formats such as HLS and MPEG-DASH.


To leverage WebRTC’s sub-second latency to support large global audiences, Limelight Realtime Streaming deploys an edge compute model that distributes ingest streams to edge servers in CDN Points of Presence (PoPs) around the world where they are duplicated and scaled to support large numbers of viewers. By leveraging the CDN’s global capacity, this architecture easily scales to provide sub-second realtime streaming to viewers everywhere in the world.


Limelight Realtime Streaming is natively supported on all major browsers, so viewers can enjoy live events without the need for special plug-ins. Limelight’s global private network provides the capacity, reach, and connectivity to ensure the highest-quality, real-time viewing experience for audiences everywhere.


Limelight Realtime Streaming also offers the ability to integrate live data with video, enabling the creation of new interactive applications. For example, viewers watching live sporting events could receive statistics about their favorite players and even vote on their favorite plays or choose which camera angle they would like to view. Gamers can have an integrated chat channel with their video, and online auctions can be streamed along with the ability for viewers to bid on items in realtime by hitting a button. These interactive capabilities open many new business opportunities.


The Fastest, Most Intuitive Way to Manage and Distribute Online Video

The Limelight Video Platform (LVP) makes it easy to manage all of your video content. Upload media for publishing, add custom metadata, select thumbnails, trim video clips, add and manage closed caption files, create and schedule custom playlists, insert advertising cue points, and more. LVP automatically converts your video content to multi-bitrate, multi-resolution formats including HLS, DASH, HDS, and MSS and delivers the right format to each viewer. It also offers a customizable HTML5 video player that makes it easy to add video to any website.


Limelight provides everything you need to manage your video content for online distribution.


Helping You Take on New Challenges

Limelight Support Services are designed to help you succeed. Limelight Advanced Services Architects help you implement new capabilities and services as your needs change, and we provide free unrestricted 24/7/365 live customer support so you can respond to any challenge. Our experts help you with live event planning, configuration and pre-event testing to reduce overall event risk. Our Network Operations Center is staffed with experts with extensive experience managing and operating one of the largest global networks. Contact us to learn more about why our customer satisfaction scores continue to reach new highs, year after year.


"I would rate Limelight’s customer service and technical support among the best I’ve ever worked with."