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Limelight Cloud Storage Services


Limelight Cloud Storage Services give you end-to-end workflow and automation, and lightning-fast delivery. Easily upload, replicate, and manage even the largest libraries. And delight your customers by delivering content up to 300% faster than traditional cloud storage. Designed to provide a highly durable storage platform with high-performance upload and delivery for all content types, these services are distributed within the CDN, providing high availability and pay-as-you-go cloud storage capacity.

Challenges Managing Origin Storage For Content Delivery

Your library of content is the foundation of your digital presence. However, managing a large content library can be a challenge. You need an efficient workflow to add new content, ensure access in multiple regions, secure and protect your library, and control cost. And most importantly, you need to deliver great customer experience every time, for every piece of content, to every user location. CDNs ensure fast delivery, but when a piece of content isn’t cached it must be retrieved from origin storage. Traditional onsite or cloud storage often suffers unacceptably slow response, creating a poor user experience that can increase churn. Organizations are looking for easier and faster ways to upload and manage their content, and to ensure availability and flawless delivery at high volume and scale.

How Limelight Cloud Storage Services Solve the Challenges

Limelight Cloud Storage Services address those challenges in a variety of ways. First, the virtually unlimited, distributed capacity ensures that organizations have the space to store their growing library of digital content regardless of the type of file. Second, the integration and collocation with the Orchestrate Platform ensures that content is retrieved quickly from storage—up to 300% faster than ordinary cloud storage. Third, the distributed nature puts content much closer to the user and provides protection from spikes in demand, no matter where or when they occur. Fourth, our Cloud Storage Services support multiple ingest methods including Aspera for ultra-fast uploading of content. Finally, a robust API library provides powerful and flexible capabilities for moving, uploading, and handling content, even enabling you to integrate object storage directly into your workflow.

Business Benefits

Improve Content Response Time and Availability

Delight your users with fast response and sustained quality every time, for every piece of content, for every user location.

Automate Your Workflow

Save time and resources with tools that automatically replicate and place content close to your users.

Secure Your Content

Protect against downtime, loss of data, harm to your brand and other consequences of cyber-attacks.


Automatic Replication

Save time and resources, and locate your content close to your audience. Simply choose replication policies to automate and streamline the management and replication of your key content.

Flexible Ingest

Upload content using a range of methods including web-based GUI, Limelight’s API (which supports multi-part uploads), and Aspera as well as legacy protocols including FTP, SCP, SFTP, RSYNC, and FTP-SSL.

High-Speed Retrieval

Deliver any asset in your library lightning-fast. Limelight’s high-performance storage is collocated and tightly integrated within the Orchestrate Platform. Content is automatically accessed from the site closest to your user.


Our Cloud Storage Services’ REST-based API supports both JSON-RPC 1.0 and JSON-RPC 2.0. Management functions include:

  • Authentication—Log in and log out.
  • Upload—Entire file or multi-part upload.
  • Object and Hierarchy Management—Creating a directory, deleting a file, deleting an object or directory, renaming a file or directory, moving files from one directory to another.
  • Object Listing—Geographic locations, file statistics, mtime information.
  • Publication—Set when a file becomes available e.g. during upload, after last byte is written, or upon policy replication.

Unlimited Object and Library Sizes

Object-based architecture supports virtually unlimited object and library sizes for maximum flexibility.

Zero Time to Publish

Unique landing pad architecture allows files to start downloading before they have completed uploading.

CDN Integration

Fully integrated with the Orchestrate Platform for efficiency and performance across Limelight’s and others’ Content Delivery Networks.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scale on-demand as needs change, choose different replication policies for different libraries.

Security and Protection

Storing your content within the Orchestrate Platform protects against the new breed of distributed cyber-threats. The globally distributed infrastructure is able to absorb attacks across its large defense surface. Additional Cloud Security Services are also available.

Cloud Storage Services in Action!

When a large online retailer was looking to scale its website and improve responsiveness, it turned to the next step in performance optimization—Limelight Cloud Storage Services. These services ensured that thousands of media content files were stored closest to the retailer’s customer base. The result? Content requests that were cache misses began behaving like cache hits, and the website‘s performance was further optimized during the heaviest holiday period of the year.

About the Orchestrate Platform

Limelight Orchestrate is a cloud-based suite of software built on top of a world-class content delivery network (CDN) that enables you to deliver any kind of digital content—websites, video, file downloads, games—to anywhere, on any supported device.