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Limelight Cloud Security Services


Limelight Cloud Security Services use the Orchestrate Platform’s global reach to secure content and mitigate attacks on your website and web servers. They include DDoS and web application attack detection and mitigation, application security, and a range of features that enable you to control and protect your digital assets.


Defensive Protection

Built-in capabilities of the CDN to protect your infrastructure against malicious traffic flooding.

DDoS Attack Protection and Mitigation

Real-time behavior analysis to identify attacks within legitimate traffic, combined with attack absorption and global scrubbing, ensures only clean traffic reached your websites.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Cloud-based web application protection via globally distributed infrastructure integrated with our CDN, identifies and blocks common attacks.

SSL with Limelight Wildcard Certificate

SSL connectivity between CDN edge/caches and users, using a Limelight wildcard certificate.

Customer Certificates

Support for hosting existing customer SSL certificates.


Control access to content based on geographic location or IP range.


Tokenization system for content access authorization.

CORS Management

Add, set, and override Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) directives on a per-request basis, allowing multiple content origins while restricting resource sharing to designated origins.

IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Supported IP lists to control content access.


The secure Real-Time Messaging Protocol encrypted supports Flash traffic for high-performance transmission of audio, video, and data streams.

SWF Verification

Authorization of player for control of which SWF files can connect to a video for content playback.

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Challenges Securing and Protecting Your Content

Ensuring a great quality of experience for users entails securing and protecting content from a variety of potential threats. DDoS and web application attacks are the biggest cyber threat facing organizations today. Not only are the frequency and sophistication of attacks increasing, but so too is duration and purpose. We’ve even seen evidence of permanent attacks for the purposes of data theft or ransom. Delivering video brings its own challenges as well—securing content against theft during network transmission or unauthorized access, and ensuring compliance with licensing restrictions. With the cost and complexity of preventing and responding to security breaches on the rise, only a comprehensive suite of global cloud-based security services, rather than on-premise equipment, allows you to keep abreast of the latest threats and preventive mitigation measures without adding latency to the delivery experience.

How Limelight Cloud Security Services Solve These Challenges

Limelight Cloud Security Services provide powerful features to protect against attacks on websites and unauthorized access or theft of content. DDoS Attack Interceptor keeps your websites available with globally distributed detection, sending suspicious traffic to a scrubbing center, delivering only clean traffic, avoiding bill shock, and assuring no performance penalty. WAF application security extends attack protection to HTTP conversations by identifying and blocking malicious requests and responses. Security of content in transit against theft is provided by the largest SSL footprint, and website access authorization is controlled by geo-fencing, URL tokenization, and IP address white and black listing so you can enforce licensing restrictions.

Business Benefits

Choose the best approach with cloud-based security services:

Maintain Brand Perception and Revenue

Blocking network attacks with globally distributed DDoS AI and WAF protection mechanisms, means performance is not sacrificed for security, and your websites are available for business.

Content is Secure From Theft

By leveraging the world’s largest SSL footprint, content is secure during transmission through the network, preventing intellectual property theft.

Compliance with Copyright Protection

By limiting who can access licensed content, URL tokenization keeps unauthorized users off corporate websites.