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Traditional Web CDNs are limited by dated approaches to managing cacheable content and are disconnected from the developer workflow. Now web teams can speed up both release cycles and the user experiences of the web applications they build. The Layer0 platform empowers teams to release up to twice as fast while delivering instant-loading web pages that increase traffic, conversions and revenue.


Ship Fast

Developers love Layer0 because they can release up to twice as fast. Build edge logic directly into the application — not just the CDN edge but predictive prefetching into the browser. Sub-second performance becomes a version-controlled, testable, first-class citizen in the development lifecycle. Every branch even gets its own preview URL.

Go Instant

Instant websites deliver real business results. Layer0 customer sites have seen up to 30% more organic traffic, 200% higher conversions, 60% lower bounce rates, and 40% lift in revenue. 399 milliseconds speed is literally the blink of an eye, thanks to predictive prefetching, caching and streaming dynamic data into the browser before the user even requests it.


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Layer0 Solves Technical Challenges Building and Delivering Websites

Today’s CDNs are disconnected from development workflows. Teams waste time manually synchronizing, debugging and maintaining separate CDN configuration, front-end and back-end systems — and the resulting application is fragile and challenging to maintain.

Layer0 lets developers build edge caching directly in their application code. The platform can replace the existing CDN or work alongside it to streamline developer workflow and improve performance. It supports React, Angular, Vue, Nextjs, Nuxt or other frameworks. A single unified caching behavior propagates automatically to the edge, browser, and even the integrated observability suite. This frees up teams to tackle value-add projects like A/B testing, personalization, traffic routing optimization, and caching of dynamic data. The platform also enables sites to migrate to headless and embrace Jamstack at their own pace.


  • Instant-Loading Websites and Applications
    Deliver pages that load in the blink of an eye — 399 millisecond median Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) times for large eCommerce sites — thanks to server-side rendering, edge caching, and predictive prefetching
  • EdgeJS
    Use the world’s first JavaScript configurable CDN to control the edge from within the application, making the edge a version-controlled, testable, first-class citizen in the development lifecycle
  • Serverless JavaScript
    Easily deploy serverless at unlimited scale for server-side rendering (SSR) and API calls at runtime
  • Branch Preview
    Reduce re-work with automatic preview URLs for every branch of code
  • Parallel Static Rendering
    Get Jamstack-like speeds from the edge, without the long build times that come from static site generation
  • Edge Experiments
    Run point-and-click A/B testing and traffic routing without sacrificing site speed and cache hit rates
  • Integrated Performance and Observability Suite
    View a comprehensive overview screen, track by route and by deploy, see how data flows into the browser via prefetching from the edge, get real-time Core Web Vitals and Real User Monitoring to understand the impact of changes in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • Serverless debugging
    Use Deep Request Inspection (DRI) to view the method, headers, and body of every incoming request to the serverless code as well as the final response that’s generated
  • Streamlines DevOps
    Integrate with CI/CD workflows that automatically deploy every GitHub commit of edge and serverless code to separate URLs
  • GraphQL Caching and Serverless Hosting
    Enhance the next-gen benefits of GraphQL by caching APIs at the network edge, and hosting the GraphQL server in a serverless environment

Business Benefits

  • Developer Productivity — Developers can release up to twice as fast, waste less time on manual processes and deliver higher-performance, secure applications.
  • Improved Search Rankings — Higher Google Core Web Vital (CWV) scores translate to better rankings, and Layer0 can improve the critical Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) component.
  • Higher Retention and Conversions — Consumers abandon slow sites and stay with fast sites, leading to more clicks and higher conversion rates.
  • eCommerce Revenue — Instant gratification in a shopping experience leads to more items in the cart, more checkouts and more return customers.
  • Vendor Flexibility — Can work alongside the existing CDN, migrate iteratively, or transition as a full replacement.

For more information, please visit the following:

Technical and developer information: https://docs.layer0.co/

General information: https://www.layer0.co/

Request a demo: https://get.layer0.co/request-a-demo/