Limelight Networks provides a variety of Advanced Services, helping you to connect with your digital audience, on all devices, wherever they are. We have a diverse set of options for consulting, optimization, and other services so that you are up and running on our private global network as quickly as possible. Choose the packaged services that best suit your unique needs to accelerate your time to market, implement new video delivery workflows, and ensure that you extract the maximum value out of your Limelight solution.


Although implementing a new solution can be challenging and time-consuming, Limelight offers multiple levels of expertise to streamline the process for organizations in every industry. Our experts work closely with your technical team, reducing costs and accelerating your time to market. With two decades of experience in content delivery, our team can tune your Limelight solution to your unique needs to help drive your business forward.


Whether you’re using an existing CDN or an in-house infrastructure, let Limelight manage the transition. The Limelight Advanced Services team will analyze your existing configurations, then migrate and optimize that configuration to the Limelight platform. We take care of the complete switchover process and help guarantee that your business remains 100% available during the transition—no interruptions to your current delivery environment or your busy staff.


Limelight offers two main types of service offerings: Consulting and Packaged. Engage with your Limelight representative to understand which matches your unique needs.


Each Advanced Services package is designed to partner you with Limelight experts for a tailor-made solution.

  • ■ Optimize usage of Limelight’s global network, managed 24/7/365 by our network experts in the Limelight global (NOC) – Network Operations Center
  • ■ Leverage world-class CDN technology and services, with access to Limelight’s integrated cloud storage and video services
  • ■ Take advantage of Limelight’s industry-leading cache-hit ratio and high availability Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • ■ Use Limelight Networks’ control management portal and public APIs to perform self-service configuration, management, reporting, and real-time analytics
  • ■ Two decades of delivering quality video (Globally) at scale



  • ■ Specialized Limelight experts who tune and optimize solutions to fit your unique needs
  • ■ Implementation and optimization of Limelight services, including a painless switchover from your existing infrastructure or adding Limelight CDN to your Multi-CDN solution
  • ■ End-to-end quality assurance prior to launch, with onsite and remote experts managing your “go live” moment
  • ■ Complete configuration documentation
  • ■ Zero downtime—no impact on your current production environment
  • ■ Flexible data migration options including Limelight intelligent ingest, manifest upload, web-based GUI, or API
  • ■ Best-in-class security measures and advanced caching techniques



Consulting packages are offered in Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze package is entry-level, letting you take advantage of the core consultancy services that the Advanced Services team provides. The Silver package provides more benefits, with additional consulting hours, service review calls, and more personalized engagement with members of the Advanced Services team. The Gold package further amplifies benefits and truly enables you to customize and fine-tune the Limelight solution to your particular needs.


  • ■ “Migration to Limelight” projects and planning
  • ■ Product/Service Launch planning
  • ■ End-to-end performance tuning and Data Analysis to identify local, global or region specific performance issues
  • ■ Advanced Rule and Edge processing/decision making capabilities
  • ■ Evaluation and testing of video Workflow (e.g. Video Player)
  • ■ Involvement in your multi-disciplinary product/team meeting


Named Advanced Services Team Member

Get access to either a pool of Advanced Services team members (Bronze) or a named Advanced Services team member (Silver and Gold). Receive access to your named team member’s contact details, the line manager’s contact details, and the team email address, to provide an escalation path, if needed. The Advanced Services team is distributed globally to provide effective coverage for the various time zones your business operates in. Choose your time zone when purchasing a Consulting package for your personal expert, while the Limelight Customer Support organization provides coverage outside of your chosen time zone.

Customer Specific Operational Documentation

Understanding your digital products and your expectations is a key service provided for all packages. The Advanced Services team reviews your Limelight-related digital landscape and builds customer-specific documentation for Limelight internal use. This material enables effective information sharing between the team during business hours and Customer Support for continuous coverage after hours. The documentation created includes details such as:

  • ■ Limelight products and APIs in use + example queries
  • ■ Limelight authentication and customer test account details
  • ■ Event/peak usage schedule
  • ■ Common issue and resolution log
  • ■ Custom feature deployment
  • ■ Customer-facing documentation
  • ■ DNS/DNS-XD configurations
  • ■ Special origin configurations


Advanced Services Delivery Managers (Silver and Gold Only)

Advanced Services Delivery Managers (ASDM) maintain a deep understanding of Limelight’s internal teams and systems, providing effective reporting and management of resources for your Limelight solution. You have the option to meet with your ASDM to make sure new and existing issues are resolved, while your technical projects are kept on track and monitored.

Review Meeting (Silver and Gold Only)

Your Account Manager will host a non-hours-inclusive, monthly or bi-weekly call to review the details of your Limelight solution, including issue tracking and resolution, “projects in progress” discussion, and customer-specific documentation review.



Advanced Services — Consulting Packages



With packaged services, you can choose a targeted offering specially designed to fulfill particular needs. We have packaged services for Data Transfer, Live Event Monitoring and Website Optimization. Engage with your Limelight representative to understand which service best matches your unique needs.

Packaged Services – Data Transfer



Packaged Services – Live Event Monitoring



Packaged Services – Website Optimization