Limelight Activation Services


Limelight Activation Services consist of consulting packages designed to help customers maximize the use of the Limelight Orchestrate Platform. From fine-tuning configuration settings to live training to workflow integration, customers can deploy their content quicker into the market with assurances that their CDN and Limelight Services configurations are optimal for their specific requirements.


Limelight Activation Services include a number of powerful features including:

Configuration Tuning and Optimization

Modification and setting up of Limelight Services and CDN configurations specific to a customer’s content profile(s) ensuring that they are getting the fastest performance and highest availability.

Live Training

Education of customer staff on how to effectively use configured services, report generation through the Control Portal, and more.

Dedicated Engineering Support

Experienced Limelight resources are assigned at on-boarding to ensure rapid response and efficient issue resolution.

Workflow Integration

Architects can assist in building integration between the customer’s workflows and Limelight products.

Configuration and Support Process Documentation

At the end of a successful activation, the advanced services consultants meet with the support team to hand off the details of the configuration to the support team and maintain open communication throughout the process, including a kickoff meeting and scheduled cadence calls at intervals that suit the customer.

Challenges Getting Started with a CDN

Deploying a CDN can be a challenging proposition. Although initiating basic services is relatively painless, configuring those services to work with unique workflow or delivery requirements can be daunting as it becomes a “trial and error” process. What’s more, customers may not have the experienced or dedicated resources to task with service provisioning and optimization.

How Limelight Activation Services Solve the Challenges

Limelight Activation Services solve those critical challenges with a dedicated, hands-on approach. By assigning Limelight technical resources to a turn-up, customers are assured that their CDN service implementation is optimized from the start for their unique needs. Leveraging thousands of Limelight services personnel man-hours with some of the Internet’s biggest events, our Activation Services can apply best practices and experiences to ensure that a customer’s services are optimally configured.

Business Benefits

Faster Time-to-Market

Don’t worry about whether the CDN is operating at maximum performance for your unique content needs. That’s all handled by our Activation Services team to ensure that a customer’s content gets to their users as quickly as possible.

Improved Performance

When a customer’s CDN services are configured for optimal operation based on specific content requirements, they can be assured that they are getting the best possible performance out of the network.

Better Integration

Customers may have a workflow that combines multiple technologies and components to produce and publish content. Our Activation Services team can help integrate that workflow with provisioned CDN services for the best operation.