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Limelight OrchestrateTM Delivery: Actionable Analytics


Key Benefits

  • Gain real-time insight
  • Expedite reporting processes
  • Accurately budget and forecast
  • Manage bandwidth utilization
  • Maximize the value of services


Data drives smarter decisions, but only if it is readily accessible. To optimize business decision-making, organizations utilizing content delivery network (CDN) services need constant visibility into the network: what is delivered, where, and how users are interacting with it.


The Limelight EdqeQuery reporting functionality offers real-time views of your traffic and network usage, putting control in your hands. Via API or through an intuitive browser-based interface, you can access the information you need to maximize the value of Limelight services: up-to-the minute summaries of traffic, along with daily, hourly and month-to-date information. You also get an instant snapshot of your network cache efficiency, and status code reports that show how the CDN and your origin are responding to requests from your end users. And because your reporting needs are unique to your business, EdgeQuery offers a high degree of customization.

Key Functionality

Analyze your overall traffic, the flows associated with specific content, and detailed storage and retrieval data.


Monitor video clients’ bitrate usage, understand the cost of individual downloads, and measure campaign results.

Report Parameters

Set parameters such as date range and time zone, and view data types such as bits, requests, and connections per second.

Live Event Report

Monitor live stream attendance in real time.


Receive regular reports by email for greater convenience.


Download your data for better budgeting, planning, and analysis.


Seamlessly connect CDN usage data with your marketing analytics systems for better insight.


Allocate CDN expenses by division or project.