Yare Media

For global reach and scalability, Yare chose Limelight Video Services for OTT delivery


Yare needed a reliable global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that could support live and on-demand video globally


Limelight Video Delivery Services

Yare Media:

Yare Media provides solutions to address changing content distribution models in sports, broadcasting, and entertainment. By providing platforms, transcoding, transaction-processing, and content delivery services, Yare helps media properties who are underserved by traditional broadcast channels to implement go-to-market strategies, and generate Over-the-Top (OTT) revenues, while helping their brands grow. The company has offices in Austria and Canada.


“No event is too small, and no event is too large for us,” said Kurt Gatringer, Managing Director at Yare. “Regardless of whether it’s a live video stream of the weekly local news or the 2016 Olympics, we deliver the live streams reliably around the world to over 100,000 concurrent viewers.”

Challenge: Yare needed a reliable global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that could support live and on-demand video globally

In the video delivery business for nearly a decade, Gatringer has seen significant growth and change in how video content is delivered. Now Yare enables customers’ content to be viewed flawlessly on any device, anywhere, any time. Media customers also rely on Yare for specialized services such as scheduling prerecorded events as simulated live streams and needed a CDN that could provide high-quality delivery.


“We have full confidence in the Limelight CDN. Any issues are taken care of very quickly, which is particularly important for all the live streams we deliver for our customers.”


Solution: Limelight Video Delivery Services

Reliable Performance

As demand for video quality continues to grow around the globe, Limelight provides a consistent viewer playback experience at all times, on all devices.


Limelight is able to handle Yare’s growth and meet unpredictable changing traffic spikes and patterns, even during major events such as the Olympics.

Global Reach

Although Yare serves the European market primarily, they also need to deliver content throughout the world.

Personal Service

From the start over eight years ago, Yare’s relationship with Limelight has been a true partnership, which enables them to respond to customers’ unique streaming needs in a quick, reliable and cost-effective way.