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Wyscout changes how the world of football watches, analyzes, and monitors players


Delivering the same superb digital experience to customers around the world from Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas


A high-performance global content delivery network

Changing the way the international world of Football watches, analyzes and monitors players when they can’t be at the matches in person

We all savor the victory that comes from watching our favorite Football team compete in the World Cup – the glory that came with a game-winning goal during over-time to give Spain its first World Cup title in 2010, and the crushing defeat felt by Netherlands players and fans alike. What we are less familiar with is the advanced system for match analysis and player recruitment that brings the best players to the field.


This technology system exists thanks to Wyscout, who is revolutionizing the way scouts, clubs and player agents watch, analyze and monitor players. Wyscout leverages the power of digital media to create an online service that delivers on-demand footage to the biggest sports community in the world – the world of international Football.


Wyscout’s subscription service provides the biggest database in the industry with videos of more than 220.000 players, analyzed match by match and action by action. Its customers include more than 450 professional football clubs, 26 national teams and the most important player agencies in the world. Wyscout gives its customers a much broader view of the player market and in doing so, is changing the world of international football.

Matteo’s Challenge: Delivering the same superb digital experience to customers around the world from Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas

Matteo co-founded Wyscout in 2004. The company began as a hobby for him and his partner. Their endeavors filming and editing local football matches took off when the pair realized the potential to harness digital media as a way to revolutionize the world of international football. Wyscout currently serves 40 terabytes of video per month.


Wyscout was effectively serving high-quality video to its European customers as long as they were accessing the video from Europe but Football is an international sport, and when the football community found out about the competitive edge that Wyscout’s service provided, scouts, agencies and clubs in other countries wanted access to rich media footage that Wyscout was providing. After all, this sport is about cut-throat competition and the faster you can get high-performance video, the more information you have about a player and the faster you can pull the trigger on player transfers and acquisitions. All of this transfers directly to a club’s performance and the goal is to win.


Wyscout expanded geographically from Europe to the Americas, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world delivering content to all connected devices. The challenge was delivering the same high-quality, high-performance video that they were serving their customers in Europe to the rest of the world without having to build out and support their own data centers which would have been a large capital investment.

“Football is a very competitive world and Wyscout is one of the resources that teams leverage to help them compete. Digital media is the foundation for the high added-value services that we provide and our goal is to deliver our services with high availability and responsiveness.”


“Digital media and new devices opened up opportunities for us in emerging countries, but when it comes to watching scouting video, performance is critical. Scouts, agents and clubs need to see every nuance and any interruption in the delivery of that video impacts their ability to make a timely decision.”


“Limelight Orchestrate Delivery ensures delivery of our services at high and constant speeds regardless of where our customers are watching. They offered the right solution at the right price point and that lets us stay at the top level of our game so that we can continue to grow.”


“Working with Limelight I can deliver the best possible viewing experience to football scouts, agencies and clubs around the world with the same high-quality consistent experience that my European customers have. With Limelight, my customers in Brazil have the same access to full-length matches and shorter situational clips as my customers in Milan and I can deliver these clips with the highest standard of service. With Limelight we can continue to revolutionize the football trading landscape.”

MATTEO CAMPODONICO, Founder and CEO at Wyscout

Matteo’s Solution: A high-performance global content delivery network

How would Wyscout make sure that scouts, clubs and agencies around the world had the same VIP experience regardless of their location, bandwidth connections and device that they were using.


Wyscout needed a global high-performance content delivery network that could deliver with laser-fast speed and reliability and could scale with him as his business grew.


He considered several criteria in selecting the right technology partner:

Global performance and delivery

Wyscout needed a content delivery network that could deliver high-performance video to Europe and to the rest of the world.

Optimized viewing experiences on all connected devices

Wyscout needed a delivery network that could deliver to any device, especially mobile devices as scouts, agents and clubs were increasingly using these devices to watch matches and player clips.


Wyscout needed a solution that could grow with them and handle large traffic peaks while ensuring consistent high-quality experiences across devices and geographies.


The solution that Matteo needed had to be cost-effective in addition to delivering worldwide with great performance.

Wyscout’s Limelight Solution: Limelight Orchestrate Content Delivery™ getting rich media content to audiences around the world....FASTER

With Limelight as its trusted partner, Wyscout knows that their content gets to their customers in Asia, Africa, the Americas and the rest of the world with the same reliable speed and high-performance as it gets to their European customers.


Wyscout gets a scalable cloud-based platform that ensures they can serve content globally without having to spend money building their own data centers to reach those markets.


Wyscout gets a content delivery network that ensures high-performance delivery anywhere in the world and that global audiences even in hard to reach rural areas can watch content without interruption regardless of their bandwidth connections.


Matteo has a cost-effective, reliable solution with great customer service.

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