VOD Factory

VOD Factory handles twice as much traffic and easily manages peak traffic demands delivering high quality video on-demand for over-the-top (OTT) companies throughout France.


How to Meet Global Expansion Goals


The Limelight Content Delivery and Cloud Storage Services

VOD Factory Delivers Broadcast-Quality Video to Audiences Faster and Easier with Limelight Content Delivery and Cloud Storage Services

VOD Factory, based in Paris, offers an end-to-end solution for companies who want to build video on-demand services. This includes building the catalogue from its online library of over 20,000 titles, negotiating rights, preparing content and digital logistics, marketing as well as the building and development of platforms.

VOD Factory’s Challenge: How to Meet Global Expansion Goals

To keep up with customer demand, VOD Factory needed a digital delivery solution optimized for MPEG DASH adaptive streaming so that video could be used in many locations in order to drive international business development. The goal was to efficiently deliver video content to customers in France and in other French-speaking territories while managing spikes in demand.


“With Limelight we’ve been able to handle twice as much traffic and easily manage peak traffic demands. The Limelight real-time dashboard and bandwidth reports also help us better understand the business and identify content issues before they become problems for our customers.”


VOD Factory’s Solution: The Limelight Content Delivery and Cloud Storage Services

VOD Factory turned to Limelight Content Delivery Services for its reliability, scalability, and ability to deliver high quality video to online audiences faster and easier. VOD Factory now has a powerful cloud-based solution that reduces content publishing complexity and speeds time-to-market, while also improving the availability, performance, scalability, and protection to efficiently deliver digital video content. Important features to VOD Factory include:

Near-instant purging

Limelight’s SmartPurge enables removing unwanted content in seconds, making it inaccessible, and provides VOD Factory with detailed reports using Limelight’s Control panel to verify that content was removed from cache.


Limelight’s proven Content Delivery Network scales to meet high viewing demands and provides reliable performance consistently.

Broadcast quality

Limelight’s Cloud Storage service reduces latency and provides the best quality experience for VOD Factory viewers.

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