TV5 Quebec Canada is a French-language specialty channel that focuses primarily on programming from international French-speaking broadcasters. It operates the TV5 signal in Canada and reaches more than 10.3 million homes.


TV5 wanted to launch a new OTT platform with new IOS, Android, Smart TV Apps, and a fresh website. This required creating an entirely new front-end to its existing in-market streaming product. To be successful, TV5 developers needed to be able to integrate the new platform without interruption. TV5 didn’t want to revamp its entire existing, well-integrated video workflow when only the front-end apps needed to be refreshed.


To meet this goal, TV5 established very specific criteria in the RFP it released for proposals. The provider would have to work with the 3rd party front-end developers to ensure the APIs would integrate with the separate work they were doing. In addition, the new platform needed to automatically handle video format conversions required for TV5 viewing on any device, anywhere.


After considering a variety of bids—from end-to-end white-labeled solutions to those with expertise in designing individual video workflow portions—TV5 selected Limelight Networks.

“Limelight helped us handle a 312% increase in traffic during the stay-at-home months of the recent pandemic. The demand has been massive—truly unprecedented.”

DANIEL ANGERS, TV5 Web Production Manager


Limelight provided the video platform for TV5 and engaged in multiple work sessions, technical calls, and emails to test the integration with its new front-end video workflow. Limelight was able to work with the TV5 product team to have the feature requests created (Multitrack Audio) by the development team, as well as ensure easy integration and testing with Limelight APIs.


The collaboration between TV5 and Limelight resulted in a successful launch of the new TV5 Streaming Service—just as the global pandemic created a surge in video consumption worldwide. Even though TV5 experienced traffic spikes 3-4X higher than normal, Limelight delivery was very stable, with no issues reported. Limelight continue to work closely with the TV5 team to overcome any new obstacles and ensure service remains stable and exceeds TV5 standards.


TV5 has worked with Limelight for content delivery now since 2011 and enjoyed a long and solid relationship. Once TV5 adds podcast and downloadable videos in the near future, it will be relying on Limelight to provide the Digital Rights Management solutions needed to protect all OTT streaming services.